Your Guide to the WordPress Themes Marketplace and WordPress Marketplace Themes

If you’re a company interested in doing business with multiple vendors, you may be looking to purchase a marketplace online. These days, many theme marketplaces have cropped up, where you can buy your theme for a multi-vendor online store. Yet, WordPress still remains one of the most popular choices for marketplace themes.

In this post, we look at what theme marketplaces are and why WordPress is the ideal theme marketplace to make your purchase at. We then explore how to select a theme that’s best for your digital marketplace. We also explore a couple of engaging and feature-rich WordPress marketplace themes that are making a memorable mark online.

Theme marketplaces vs marketplace themes – what are they?

Most website building and hosting service providers offer many themes for their websites. Each theme has its own bespoke aesthetic and functionality. Let’s take as an example. WordPress sells many themes like Twenty Twenty One, Party Villa, Joyce, etc. which are designed to be used by a single blogger/vendor. But apart from single-vendor websites, providers also offer multi-vendor websites and storefronts, which are essential to creating digital marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy.

Any website building and hosting company that sells multiple themes for all types of websites is called a theme marketplace. Essentially, it is a market where you can browse through hundreds of themes and buy the one you like. Since WordPress has a vast selection of themes to design and build blogs, single vendor eCommerce sites, and online marketplaces, it is called a theme marketplace.

But what is a marketplace theme?

The individual theme you would choose to build your own multi-vendor online store from a theme marketplace like WordPress is called a marketplace theme.

Why choose the WordPress theme marketplace for your business?

The directory is one of the best theme marketplaces for multi-vendor online store themes. Some of the main reasons why the WordPress theme marketplace is great are…

WordPress uses the powerful Genesis Framework to build websites that are beautiful and highly functional.

The themes are easy to set up and can be up and running within days.

WordPress comes with a library of integrations and widgets that can be added in minutes to improve the user interface for both sellers and buyers.

The themes are already multi-device optimized and don’t need further re-jigging.

The themes are cost-efficient – with some marketplace themes like Astra offering their basic templates for free.

The themes are compliant with global digital security requirements, like GDPR.

The base WooCommerce plugin functions are free to use.

WordPress offers numerous tools for A/B testing, website design and robust maintenance. This allows you to create a reliable online marketplace that sellers and customers can both trust.

Now that you know why the WordPress theme marketplace is great, let’s understand how you should vet and select your new marketplace WordPress theme for your business. Look at things like design, functionality, documentation and support when comparing themes. If you need help getting your marketplace website set up on WordPress, you can consider collaborating with a wordpress web development agency. They can handle everything from theme selection and customization to configuration and launch. With the right theme and development help, you can really transform your online presence to the next level.

Factors to consider when selecting a WordPress marketplace theme for your business

User interface – Is the theme easy to navigate and use by multiple vendors and thousands of customers?

Theme customization – How easy is it to customize and change elements of the theme to suit your marketplace profile?

Support for quality plugins – What type of plugins does the theme support? How will the absence of a theme affect your vendors?

Browser compatibility – Is the theme compatible with multiple browsers that customers are likely to use to find your marketplace?

Device-optimization – Can the theme be optimized for mobile and other devices with ease?

Security – What privacy & security features are available with the theme? What are the data storage, transaction and support services available for the vendors and buyers who will use this marketplace?

SEO-optimization – Is the theme SEO-friendly?

Top 5 WordPress marketplace themes to consider


Astra is one of the most popular WordPress marketplace themes in use today. This is mainly because some of the templates here are free to use. You can easily build an additional design or functional elements according to your needs without spending too much or buying themes with unnecessary features.


One of the most elegant marketplace themes on WordPress, eCommercely is designed to offer an easy-to-use and integration/plugin-rich environment where they can showcase their wares. This theme supports various content formats, is completely SEO-optimized, and has a very fast load time.

VW Storefront

The VW Storefront offers a sharp and chic design that is perfect for building marketplaces in the publishing, electronic gadget, cosmetics and fashion industries in particular. This is a Bootstrap-based theme that is ideal when you want to make major stylistic changes to your new marketplace.

Mega Storefront

Want a marketplace theme that can help your vendors display their products in style? If yes, the Mega Storefront theme is ideal for you. The dynamic, customizable and visual-rich layout is great to give your vendors the space they need to champion their products, increase traffic to their stores and enable easy product sharing.