Why Your Website Needs A Dedicated Server

Have you ever questioned what people are talking about when they’re talking about dedicated hosting servers, or what the implications are for your organization?

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A dedicated server is a physical server, usually rented from a dedicated server provider, used solely for the hosting needs of a single individual or organization. This means that unlike virtual servers or shared hosting, no other websites or companies are using the same server, so you don’t get impacted by the actions of others’ online endeavors.

Now you know precisely what Dedicated Servers are, why exactly do you need to consider this option for your business?

Better Performance

A dedicated server provides an exclusive, dedicated platform with no resource contention because it is not shared. It’s entirely committed to you and only you. Therefore, your dedicated server will provide greater performance and faster application response times than a cloud-based server.

The resources of a cloud or shared server are shared among all users who have access to that particular server. The purpose of cloud servers is to provide you with additional storage and virtual resources rather than to provide you with more efficient resources. A dedicated server is a more appropriate alternative to set up a high-performance hosting solution in most cases.

Increased Security

Security is vital for all websites, but especially those that handle sensitive data. This could contain private emails, credit card numbers, or client data. It’s critical to safeguard this data and your website against viruses and hackers.

With a dedicated server, you control every aspect of site security. This means you may tailor functionality to your website and save files. Although you are in charge of how these features are implemented, flexibility has its advantages. Further, help from companies like Radware (https://www.radware.com/solutions/data-center-protection/) that can implement advanced data center protection measures to keep your servers monitored and safe from attacks can also be useful. No doubt that a critical aspect for most businesses is the security of their network and data.

Support Rapid Growth 

If you expect your website to grow rapidly, you should consider a dedicated server now. For example, if you are still using shared hosting, your site’s performance may suffer. This can lead to higher bounce rates and revenue loss. Allow yourself enough time to move your site and ‘settle’ its performance before any issues develop.

To accommodate promotions and special events, your website should be able to manage traffic surges up to 30 times usual. Otherwise, your site may crash or cause a bad user experience (UX).


A dedicated server is the most cost-effective and long-term solution. Cloud servers appear cheaper than dedicated servers. However, dedicated servers offer more resources and may handle more clients at once.

Your dedicated server provider will take care of the network and server hardware. Because you are renting the server from the supplier, they are also responsible for any faults.

Increased Customisation Options

When you purchase a dedicated server, you have the option of customizing the hardware to your specifications. Whether it’s more RAM, more hard disc space, or an even faster CPU, all gear may be customized to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, if you need additional resources in the future, you can contact your service provider and request an upgrade to accommodate your expanding business needs.