Why Graphic Overlays are Preferred for Control Panels

Most equipment used either in commercial or industrial applications has to have a control panel that houses the circuitry and electronics. Graphic overlays are often preferred over regular control covers because of a number of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why a graphic overlay is a better choice rather than a control cover.

Superior protection

Equipment used in industrial and commercial applications may be exposed to harsh working environments and corrosive chemicals. Graphic overlays act as a protective barrier against these elements. The polyester graphic overlay by CCL Design is an example of a durable product that is suitable for these types of applications.

Easy to clean and maintain

If you have a panel cover with raised buttons, it can be a hassle to clean. This is not the case with graphic overlays. Sanitising is a breeze and maintenance is not a problem. This is the reason why most if not all medical equipment uses graphic overlays instead of control panels.


There are a variety of design options available for graphic overlays. It is also easily customisable depending on the required application. You can choose from an array of finishes; have LED lighting or fibre optics added, and even have a graphic overlay in Braille if needed. Graphic overlays also offer different ratings according to industry standards.

Cheaper option

Graphic overlays are more cost-effective than traditional control panels. They are easy to install and take less time to design and produce. Companies that use graphic overlays save on production costs.

Personalisation and customisation

Another benefit of using graphic panels is customisation. You can request the graphic overlay to be created according to the precise specifications of your desired application. Customisation is especially helpful if you have machines or equipment that are uniquely designed. Moreover, there are no limitations to what you can create with graphic overlays. No matter what type of device, size, colour, or pattern, it can be produced for you.

Offers digital accuracy

There are certain working environments where accuracy is essential. For example, in the medical profession, it is not optimal to use knobs and buttons that may not offer the most accurate or efficient control over specific equipment. Graphic overlays over digital devices provide a more efficient and exact method of controlling a machine.

Adhesive properties

Graphic overlays also have high adhesive properties suitable for industrial applications. Depending on the material and adhesive used for the overlay, it can perform in extreme working environments and stay robust for a long time.

Some graphic overlay manufacturers employ an extensive process involving their clients to ensure that the end product is precise and according to their specifications. Prototyping is often the first step to designing the final product where the manufacturer collaborates with the client to make adjustments to the design. After the prototyping is completed, they will then allow the engineering team to proceed with finalising the product for manufacturing. This is the ideal step-by-step process by which graphic overlays are produced and delivered.

Image: Pixabay.com