What Many Home Business Owners Get Wrong With Their Website

Running your own home business can be a tough job, but there are some surprisingly simple ways to help you ease the burden and make things a little easier. One of the biggest considerations that you need to think about is how you use your website. After all, it’s considered the central hub for your business’s online presence. People find your business through Google or social media and they reach your website, so it needs to offer your customers something useful in order to be worth the investment.

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Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t web designers or digital presence experts. In fact, many of them can barely put together a website, let alone design one from scratch and have it function as they want it to. So if you’re interested in making more use of your website, here are some of the biggest mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Px3iBXV-4TU (CC0)

Forgetting about marketing your website on various platforms

Frugal business owners have learned how to use content marketing and social media to their advantage, leading to some very unique marketing strategies that cost almost nothing. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid the traditional methods that are already well-established. For example, you could work with a Google ads agency to help you get more clicks on your website, or you can focus on typical search engine optimisation with the help of content on your website. There are many different ways to market your website now and the key is to establish yourself on multiple different platforms. This gets the most eyes on your website and ensures that you have a successful website.

Focusing too much on the design of your website instead of the content

One of the biggest mistakes that most home business owners make is focusing too heavily on the design of their website. While it’s great to have a flashy website with lots of unique graphics and transitions, you ultimately want your website to just be functional. If you want to be taken seriously as a home business owner, then you need to start focusing on the content of your website. After all, people aren’t going to stay on your website and use it just because it looks nice. Your website isn’t an art display or a museum attraction–it’s a functional part of your business that needs to offer useful features like an online store, information about your products, and so on.

Neglecting to add your own pictures of a service or product

People tend to be very visually focused, meaning they’re more likely to look at your products and care about them if you can actually show a picture instead of just describing it. Even if it’s a generic image to showcase the services you offer, it’s extremely important that you have a lot of visual content on your website. It could be photographs, videos, or even drawings and diagrams. The more visual content there is, the easier it’ll be to convince your customers to buy something or at least keep your brand in mind.