What Makes a Geek?

The geek is a rebel without a cause. Often times these geeks are ignored or ridiculed. Some people even label them arrogant or show some form of contempt for their interests. It is easy to see why these people get a negative view of the geeks.

However, a geek isn’t really a geek by choice. It is not a disease that was forced on them. Many geeks grew up around computers and were just as computer-minded as other children. They were never popular or popularly known as geeks. They did not participate in any special groups. No one knew who they were and no one wanted to be friends with them because of their different interests.

The word “geek” does have a negative connotation, but that is far from the only meaning. The word geek comes from the geeks of science fiction, movies, television, and computer games. These people were considered to be one with the mainstream and were often looked down upon by those who didn’t share their interests. Today, however, many different types of geeks are making their mark on popular culture, maybe even creating a separate Geek Culture.

One of the most prominent members of the new wave of geeks is Star Trek: The Original Series’ geek icon, Spock. Spock is a member of a race called the Humans and is half human, half robot. For many fans of Star Trek, the first glimpse of Spock was in the Original Series and this helped to create the archetype of the geek as someone who is unique and different. One of the biggest questions about the role of the geeks in Star Trek is how similar they will remain to their creator’s vision. The Original Series featured many different characters and while some were popular among fans, others such as Spock were not.

Nowadays, there are many celebrities who have chosen to get geek tattoos. Russell Crow is perhaps one of the biggest openly geeks in the media today and his fans are trying to recreate the relationship he had with his deceased father. The geeks of today are trying to recreate that same sense of hope and adventure that they found in their father. Others such as Isaac Hayes have created their own characters that are almost a representation of themselves. People want to be like their geek heroes and as long as the character is fun and interesting, people are willing to embrace the geek persona.

Many celebrities with a huge following for their geek credentials include both actors and actresses. geek tattoos are no longer just about Star Trek. People are choosing to express themselves and their interests through this type of body art. Whether it be because of the original Star Trek or a personal belief in the Neverland realm, people are getting their geek on.