What Are Refurbished Phones & Can They Be Trusted?

Let’s set the scene right here. You’ve had the same phone for a couple of years and it’s finally reaching the point when your contract is running out. You’re already getting emails telling you to upgrade but you’re keen to shop around and see what else is on offer.

Put simply, you’re on the hunt for a new phone!

During your search, you will encounter a few different ways of buying a new smartphone. One of which is by going down the refurbished route. You’ve probably seen phones listed for amazing discounts, yet they claim to be refurbished. What exactly is a refurbished phone and can you trust them to be good?

What are refurbished phones?

A refurbished phone is a type of second-hand phone. It has previous owners, but it’s unlike your typical second-hand options. As shown on WeSellTek.com, you can get refurbished phones from major brands – and some of the latest models are also available. What sets them apart from a phone that you might buy on eBay is that refurbished models have been repaired and reviewed.

In essence, the phone has been looked at, tested and checked for any issues. If an issue presents itself, it has been repaired. This should mean that you receive a higher quality phone than if you just bought a standard second-hand one from someone else.

Can you trust refurbished phones?

One of the big advantages of getting a refurbished smartphone is that it is considerably cheaper than a brand-new model. Now a lot of people including your friends and family might caution you against opting for refurbished phones, often suggesting that they may not match up to new ones in terms of the latest features and technology. The prevailing misconception associates refurbished phones with faulty manufacturing units, creating a generalized perception. However, it’s essential not to succumb to the trap of this Conformity Bias. In reality, refurbished phones typically deliver the same performance and reliability as their new counterparts but at a significantly lower cost. To dispel doubts, consider reaching out to users of refurbished phones to gather first-hand feedback and make informed decisions. Additionally, to address concerns about potential issues, it’s advisable to consider phone insurance. Some insurance companies offer specific cell phone insurance plans tailored to cover damages or malfunctions in refurbished devices. This added protection can provide peace of mind and financial security, making refurbished phones a more appealing and cost-effective option for many consumers.This begs the question, why don’t more people buy these phones? Effectively, it all comes down to trust. Some people do not trust second-hand phones in general.

Why? Because they’re afraid of being ripped off. You don’t want to buy a phone and have it break within a couple of months. Normally, when you buy second-hand, you have no way of getting any money back.

However, refurbished phones are definitely more trustworthy. These phones are typically sold by proper businesses or networks, not random individuals online. The fact they have also been tested and repaired should prove that they work. Even so, many dealers will offer warranties on these phones to calm any fears.

Generally, you can trust a refurbished phone. The question should be whether or not you trust the seller! Always do your research to ensure you are buying from a trusted seller with lots of good reviews.

Are there downsides to refurbished phones?

The only downsides are that these phones probably won’t last as long as a brand new model and some insurance companies won’t insure them. You’re also unlikely to have as wide of a choice as you would if you were buying a brand new phone.

Other than that, there are no issues for you to be worried about. So, if you’re looking for a way to get a new phone without spending a fortune, this could be a smart route to take. Again, to reiterate, always do your research first! Don’t buy from the first company you see; check that they have sold refurbished phones before and that the customers are happy.