Wellness Trends That Will Rock Your World This Year

Every year, new wellness trends emerge. In the early days of mental health awareness, people didn’t really know what they were doing (especially in “ye olden times”). But in recent years, wellness practices have improved dramatically. People are continually refining their regimens and coming up with new ways to stay healthy. So what are they?

Mindful Eating

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How many times have you arrived home after a busy day and just munched your way through mountains of food while watching TV? Too many to count, no doubt. 

But this approach to eating is destructive. First, science shows that people should get the majority of their calories earlier in the day if they want to maintain a lean physique. But also, people who eat while distracted typically consume far more calories. So munching your way through a bag of Doritos and dip at 11 pm is generally a disaster for your health. 

To practice mindful eating, be aware of what you consume. Eat at the dinner table and carefully set out your portions so that you only get what you need. 

Spending Time Away From Devices

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The term “digital detox” is now common currency in 2021. Everyone is using it. But why?

It turns out that our brains need time to switch off, according to https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mental-downtime/. Being hooked up to the internet is great for a couple of hours per day. But we also need time out, away from our devices. Constantly worrying about notifications and what’s happening on social media is enough to drive you potty. 

Better Herbal Remedies

Science is advancing and we’re now discovering a whole host of amazing herbal remedies that can dramatically improve how people feel. It used to be just raw herbs like St John’s Wort and turmeric but now you can get remedies like weed budder or CBD gel capsules to help destress your mind. Essentially, herbal remedies like those mentioned have the ability to calm the brain and relax the mind. This then helps to get people in the mood for exercise, movement – and whatever else they want to do with their time. It reduces inflammation and generally boosts energy. Many like CBD have been linked to lower production of stress hormones in the body, so it’s not all old wives’ tales supporting these remedies. Sites like https://www.ice-cannabis-seeds.co.uk/ go into this subject in more detail.

Better Skincare

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In the past, commercial products full of chemicals dominated most people’s skin care routines. But now, smart individuals are seeing that these complex formulations don’t work as well as natural alternatives. 

For instance, instead of moisturising with store-bought creams and lotions, people are now using simple rosehip oil. It contains natural factors that not only make the skin more flexible but also rejuvenates it at the same time. 

Relaxed Goal Setting

Goals are a good way to direct your life, but they can also be a source of extreme stress. Things don’t always go the way that people want them to go. That’s why we are seeing the rise of flexible goal setting. The idea is to avoid all-or-nothing goals and, instead, build in a little leeway. 

For instance, for New Year’s resolutions, more people are now focusing on weight management instead of trying to lose a specific number of pounds. They are also leaning on the concept of micro goals to make it easier to get closer to their objectives.