Unique Ways To Earn Free Crypto

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Who doesn’t love free money? Cash rewards have been around for years, but recently a number of companies are starting to offer cryptocurrency rewards as an alternative. 

Cryptocurrency can be spent in many large online stores just like traditional currency. It can also be a great source of investment – certain cryptocurrencies have seen huge rises in value over the last few years. Plus it is even easier for people to invest in cryptocurrency now by using websites like https://www.sofi.com/invest/ and even better by getting involved now, you could increase your chances of making a return.

So just where can I find free crypto? Below are just a few unique ways to earn free crypto.

Earn ‘Bitcoin Back’ when shopping online

A browser extension known as Lolli allows you to earn free Bitcoin every time you make purchases at certain online stores (known as ‘Bitcoin Back’). Walmart, Expedia, Hilton, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s are just some of the companies that offer these Bitcoin rewards. The amount of Bitcoin you earn back varies from each retailer – it could be anywhere from 1% to 30% of the value of the purchase. 

The Lolli browser extension is totally free to download. Try it out today and start getting rewards.

Use a crypto credit card

Many credit cards offer cash back rewards for using them. A few novelty credit card companies have now started to introduce cryptocurrency rewards. One such company is Gemini, which even allows you to choose which cryptocurrency you wish to receive your rewards in.

If you regularly use a credit card to make purchases, consider whether this could be a great way to start accumulating cryptocurrency.

Take advantage of referral bonuses

Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer referral bonuses – if you’re able to encourage a friend to sign-up to that crypto exchange, the exchange will pay you a bonus for that referral.

Referral bonuses can vary in amount. Some exchanges offer cryptocurrency bonuses up to $5 or $10 (in some cases, to you and your friend). These referral bonus offers tend to only run for a limited time so keep your eyes peeled. 

Become a network operator

You could earn cryptocurrency rewards from being a network operator. Companies like World Mobile are making efforts to improve internet access across the world by encouraging people to become earth node operators. In exchange, these operators are rewarded with cryptocurrency.

This World Mobile token site offers more information about this project and how to get involved. 

Look into airdrop projects

When a new cryptocurrency is launched, there is often the option to earn free crypto. Free giveaways (known as ‘airdrop projects’) are carried out as a way of helping the cryptocurrency to gain traction.You should always be cautious with airdrop projects as there have been notable scams in the past. It’s worth noting that you can never predict the future value of a new cryptocurrency – you may get lucky and make a huge return in the future, or you may earn nothing at all. Try to always do your research before taking part in an airdrop project to make sure that the company is legitimate.