The Popular Pursuits on Instagram to Follow

Instagram has become a popular social media site for people to share photos and videos of their hobbies and pursuits. From beauty to travel, there are endless interests to explore on Instagram. Whatever area your post is in, you can look to buy Instagram likes to boost the number of people finding it on the feed. This is whether it is cooking or shopping.

Here are some of the most popular pursuits to follow on Instagram.


If you’re passionate about beauty, following some of the top beauty accounts on Instagram is an excellent way to find inspiration for your next look. Many stunning accounts showcase various makeup and fashion styles, ranging from natural looks with a sun-kissed glow to glamorous styles. You can discover it all on Instagram. Moreover, it’s an effective means to stay informed about the latest beauty trends of the season. By following the right beauty gurus, you can find out if the current trend involves investing in a Tanning Membership to maintain that sun-kissed glow or engaging in an arduous skincare routine to achieve flawless glass skin. Beauty trends are ever-evolving and can sometimes be challenging to keep up with, making Instagram an invaluable resource to effortlessly stay updated and in the know. Some of our favorite accounts to follow include @birchbox, @cosmopolitan, and @elleusa.


If you enjoy cooking, then following some of the top cooks on Instagram is a great way to get inspiration for your next meal. These mouth-watering accounts feature all kinds of cuisine. From healthy eating to indulgent desserts, you’ll come across it on Instagram. Popular accounts to follow include @bonappetit, @food52, and @thekitchn.


For those looking to get fit or stay in shape, following fitness accounts on Instagram is an excellent way to motivate yourself. Inspiring people are sharing their workout routines and healthy eating habits. You can also become a fitness vlogger if you wish. Or if you’ve already got a gym business, Instagram is the best place to promote it. By using a gym prop hire service and making motivational and educational videos for Instagram, you can pass the gospel of fitness forward. To get an idea, a few of the best fitness accounts to follow would seem to include @shape, @selfmagazine, and @wellandgood.


Shopping is another popular pursuit to follow on Instagram. Many great accounts feature all kinds of products, from clothes to cosmetics. There are also helpful tips and tricks for finding the best deals. A list of shopping accounts to follow could be @shopstyle, @gilt, and @wishtrend.


If you love to travel, then following travel accounts on Instagram is a great way to see some amazing places around the world. From stunning landscapes to exotic locations, you’ll find it all on Instagram. Some possible travel accounts to follow include @passionpassport, @travelchannel, and @cntraveler.

Pretty much any area you choose, beauty included, can be found on Instagram. There are so many choices that it is hard to know what to follow. Many users, for this reason, will follow several accounts of interest and like their posts. In these areas, we will have both private individuals who have a hobby as well as businesses that can sell you the equipment you need for the hobby that interests you.

You, therefore, have the best of both worlds – the tips from the enthusiasts and the equipment for sale to be able to carry out your latest hobby or interest. Some of these tips cannot be found in books because they have come from those who have the experience of the hobby they have followed for many years.

The old and young can learn from each other. Many adults will take up hobbies in later life and want some advice. This might be a reason why they start embracing social media just like the younger generation have. We can make many new friends from different countries this way. Social media can break down many social and language barriers in the process of communicating with all kinds of people we meet online.

Social media is an exciting world where there are great opportunities to learn and develop hobbies further. We just need to be careful not to take on too many interests all going on at the same time so that we can become good at one or two and not average at a whole load. This might depend on the friendship groups we have online as well as offline.

The above are just a few of the many popular pursuits to follow on Instagram. So get out there and start exploring!