The Glory Of All-Night Video Gaming

When you sit down and think about the most fun you’ve had in your life, what comes to mind? 

Perhaps it was snogging your sweetheart behind the bike sheds at school. Maybe it was throwing a massive party for all your friends. Perhaps it was some sort of thrill-seeking activity, like go-karting. 

For some, though, the most exciting thing in the world is sitting down with a new video game and playing it all night long. It’s the ultimate act of abandoning your cares and responsibilities and just having a darn good time. 

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All-night gaming was something that many of us started doing in our teenage years. We would go out to the store in the daytime to get the game, install it, and then remain glued to our screens for the following week. Somehow, the activity allowed the troubles of our lives to melt away and we became completely absorbed in what we were doing. Nothing else provided that kind of relief

All-Night Gaming As A Ritual

Eventually, though, all-night gaming stopped being something that “just happened” because you were so glued to your screen and instead became a ritual. It’s something that you do because you want to experience the glories of the old days – those nostalgic nights when there wasn’t anything you had to worry about doing the next day. 

The school holidays became one long gaming session.  You’d get up late in the morning and the only thing on your mind was how you’d beat the next boss. You could allow yourself to become completely absorbed in the fantasy world the developers greeted for you, without a care in the world. 

All-Night Gaming As A Status Symbol

All-night gaming is also something of a status symbol in the gaming community. People who can stay up all night playing casino slot games are made of strong stuff. They’re tough. They’ve got that hardcore gaming attitude baked into their souls. They don’t need to sleep. All they require is their cup of coffee and energy drinks, and they can see it through the night – no problem whatsoever. 

Many gamers revel in this kind of behaviour. It’s a chance to break the rules and do something different. You’re not following a routine. Instead, you’re entering a new kind of state where you’re following what feels good. You rebel against sleep because your waking life is just too compelling. 

All-Night Gaming For The Joy Of It

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Video games are fascinating because each one provides you with a new window on what it means to play. Think about it: when you encounter a new type of game, it becomes fantastically interesting. You want to explore every aspect of the novelty it provides. 

Think about the first time you played an RPG. The whole world opened up to you. You found yourself in a story and a style of gameplay that you couldn’t put down. You felt obligated to get to the end in the shortest amount of time possible. And that meant doing an all-nighter.