The Best Ways to Spend Your Blog’s Marketing Budget

Having a marketing budget for your blog helps you to ensure you’re able to promote it. Without a marketing budget, you might be trying to promote your blog for free or even not really trying to market it at all. But without at least some effort put into marketing your blog, it’s unlikely that it’s going to get much attention. A marketing budget is a must, especially if you want to use your blog to make money. However, even if you have a marketing budget, you might be unsure about how exactly you should be spending it. What are the best ways to spend the budget that you have?

Useful Marketing Tools

Before you start thinking about ways you might pay to advertise and market your blog, it’s worth considering what useful tools can help you. While there are some great free tools and methods that will help you to promote your blog, sometimes you need to spend some money if you want to do more. Investing in some SEO tools can allow you to do things such as in-depth keyword research or performance tracking. You can also get tools that make it easier to do things such as managing your social media marketing.

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Content and SEO

Your blog needs to have good content to keep going. Without it, your blog isn’t really anything at all. Content marketing ties in neatly with search engine optimisation too. Both of these things are worth investing in if you want to grow your blog. There are some things you might be happy to do yourself, without spending any money. However, sometimes it’s best to invest some money into having other people help you out. Outsourcing some of your content creation and SEO can help you to get better results.

Try Some PPC Ads

When you’re thinking about paid advertising online, one of the most effective options that you can consider is PPC advertising. Pay-per-click ads are cost-effective and tend to have a pretty good ROI if you use them well. However, getting them right can sometimes be tricky. You can get professional help from a marketing agency like Toni Marino at It can be time-consuming to get PPC ads correct, but handing the responsibility to someone else can save you both time and money. Your PPC ads can help to boost your search engine performance and more.

Build Your Email List

An email list is a great thing for any blog to have. When you have people on your email list, you can notify them whenever you publish a new post or if you have any other news or promotions to share. If you want to grow a mailing list, you can invest in a landing page campaign and other methods to encourage people to sign up. Offer people an incentive to give you their email address and you can then build email marketing campaigns. You could even make use of something like email marketing software in order to streamline this part of your marketing efforts and give you the time to focus on areas where you can be most productive.

You might only have a small marketing budget for your blog, but you can use it wisely to get the best results.