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I used to read various blogs and wonder, how bloggers made their money, and why on earth they were investing all that time and effort in writing. It also baffled me how they all managed to get so many subscribers, and how they were able to convince companies to take out advertising space on their site.

It bothered me, because somewhere deep down, I was actually jealous. I wanted what they had, I wanted people to read my words and hear my funny stories. What did they know that I didn’t?

We discussed all this over a few pints of beer in the pub one night, and my girlfriend as well as a couple of my friends, challenged me to give blogging a try. They felt I had enough to say for myself to fill pages and posts, and beyond that, they seemed to have lots of monetizing ideas for my blog already.

I didn’t really buy any of it and just went along with their idea because they wouldn’t let up.

Setting Up this Website and Blog

We started by using one of the free website templates and got our site up pretty fast, within a couple of hours in fact. With my coding know how I could have set up a site myself, however, as this was supposed to be just an experiment, I didn’t really care what the site looked like. I started by publishing a couple of unusual tech blog posts and a few very opinionated list articles.

When I got a load of responses, I nearly fell off my chair. My girlfriend and pals just smiled with in a total “I told you so” kind of way. To me, this war a huge boost and really kickstarted me into being quite an ambitious blogger.

I worked at it from a wide variety of angles. Firstly, I tried to get guest posts published on other people’s sites, started leaving long-winded comments and renowned blogs and did everything I possibly could to get noticed and subsequently bring people to my site. All my efforts soon started to pay off, and before I knew it, I was writing reviews, blog posts, guest posts and uploaded videos as often as I could.

From being a complete novice and sceptic, I found myself as a confident, self-made, money-making blogger with a considerable following, within a short space of time.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

My experiences should tell you, that you can do just as well, and if you are serious about blogging, you can submit a guest post for publication here. You will get lots of exposure, and I will do everything I can to send you subscribers and raise your blogger profile.

Blogging can be a nice little earner, and I would be delighted to help you along the way.

My Favourite Blog Post Topics

To get you started, I am listing my favourite topics here. Take a look, you’ll soon see that you can write about anything, really, as long as you make it engaging and interesting for my many thousand readers.

  • Blogging
  • Electronics
  • Cool Gadgets
  • PCs and Laptops
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Food
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Online World
  • Photography and Filming
  • Product Reviews
  • Staying Healthy
  • Traveling
  • Travel Activities
  • Video Games

If you are unsure about a possible guest post title, take a look at these samples:

  • How to Make a Short Movie
  • Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without
  • Must-Have Apps for Geeks

What to Do Next

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Novices get lots of help and will learn the secrets of becoming a successful, money-making blogger.