Simple Video Content Ideas for a Blog

Producing videos can seem a bit overwhelming – but in many cases that is self-inflicted. Most people tend to try to produce complicated videos that are laden with special effects, need to be recorded in a particular setting, or have other tricky requirements.

For most content creators, the process after creating video content can be much easier, as it can include using platforms such as Newsflare or YouTube, or such to make money, which can be a pretty simple process in itself. Similarly, video content doesn’t need to be complicated to perform well. Frankly there are a few types of extremely simple video content that have been proven to be effective consistently.

If you want some ideas of the type of simple video content that you could produce for a blog, here’s a few great places to start:

  • Interviews with experts

Interviewing experts about interesting topics is a great type of video content, and it is easy to produce. All you need to do is record a face-to-face interview, or if not use a screen recorder to capture the interview over a video chat. You can download screen recorder software through platforms like Loom so you are ready.

  • Video guides

Although some video guides can be complicated, they don’t have to be. With the aid of artificial intelligence and AI platforms, simplifying this task becomes even more achievable. AI videos, driven by generative AI modules and harnessed through a text to video generator can offer a hassle-free way to craft informative and engaging video guides.

  • Behind-the-scenes peeks

While this is somewhat situational, it is a simple type of content that people tend to love. Recording a behind-the-scenes video is easy, and doesn’t require extensive editing – but if it is funny or interesting enough will perform well.

  • Whiteboard videos

With nothing more than a whiteboard and a video camera, you can produce a compelling video. The only slightly difficult part may be planning out what you intend to write or draw on the whiteboard – but other than that it should be easy.

  • Introduction video

Most blogs have an ‘About Us’ section of some kind where you would introduce yourself, your blog, and any team members you may have. Rather than writing out a wall of text, creating a simple ‘talking head’ video of yourself and any team members would be a lot more effective as it will showcase the personalities of the people behind the blog.

As you can see none of these ideas are complicated, and yet they could help you to create some really compelling content. Aside from a video camera of some kind the only other tool you may need is a screen recorder – which is where Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will come in handy.

Not only will Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac let you record videos from your screen, but it will also give you an extensive range of tools that you can use to edit them. Because of how intuitive it is you should have no problem applying these tools, and creating some great videos for your blog.