Signs You’re a Geek

I’m a geek and proud of it, may I add. In fact, these days it’s ok to call yourself a geek, it may even be considered “cool” to be a geek, even though I’d hate to think of myself as part of the masses wishing to be suave and sophisticated.

Most self-confessed geeks are happy and feel comfortable in their shoes. They have embraced all things geeky and enjoy a blissful existence. They also find each other and make friends easily that way. In fact, geeks tend to gravitate toward each other, and maybe that’s why you are on this website. You are a geek and you are looking for other geeks.

Geeks are all about diving headfirst into their favorite passions-whether it’s tech, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV, or gaming. But it doesn’t stop there; they’re hardcore movie buffs who read books about filmmaking or articles about who visits cinemas nowadays and love collecting cool stuff tied to their favorite films, like action figures, posters, and rare items. It’s not just about watching movies; it’s about building a whole universe around them.

Sharing these obsessions creates a tight-knit community, and their collections are like curated treasure troves that connect them to the heart of geek culture. They’d probably have a Spiderman mask, a Star Wars lightsaber, or even go so far as to get John Wick’s Pit Viper gun. The magic of movies, blending tech, storytelling, and creativity, totally grabs the attention of geeks, making cinema a must-have ingredient in their ever-evolving geeky world.

But what identifies geeks? How do you know whether you are a geek? Let’s take a look at some of the tell-tale signs.

Geek Characteristics

Traditionally, anyone who was thought to be socially inept as well as has a deep obsession with a particular subject matter was considered to be a geek. These obsessions included anything from games, movies, weird facts, right through to Star Trek. As for the social awkwardness, well, it is true to say that most geeks do not conform to accepted social norms. What I have described is the cliche characteristic of a geek, those imposed by non-geeks.

I would, however, like to describe a geek’s view of what it means to be a geek.

  • We Want to Know More About the Subject of Our Passion than Anyone Else: Most of us love tech stuff, including anything from games, to gadgets and all the way through to a specific comic character. We want to know absolutely everything, simply because we infinitely adore our chosen passion. If it’s gadgetry, you always want to be the first to discover new ones. That’s why you’re tuned into any latest Tech Podcast you can get your hands on, discovering all the latest tech trends. If it’s Star Trek, you want to know all the best lines from all the Movies or even the whole script. We are never lukewarm about our passion, we go all out to know absolutely everything and more than anyone else.
  • We Get Lost in Our Obsession: When we are pursuing our passion, we completely lose track of time and are fully immersed in our obsession. The world around us no longer exists. This can, at times, be hard to understand for non-geeks, is, however, common knowledge among the geek community.
  • We Feel Different: Most of us feel like square pegs in round holes. Somehow, we do not seem to fit in. In most cases, this started at school and continued throughout. In many cases, we do not even wish to be the same as everyone else and deeply cherish being different.
  • We Love to Be the Experts in Our Field: As previously mentioned, geeks want to know everything about their chosen passion, down to the very finest detail. We take pride in knowing more than anyone else and relish our expertise.
  • We Have a Niche: No computer geek is like another. In fact, most of us become experts in a very specific area. This might be a particular game, a set of technological innovation, a specific movie, or any other unusual topic.
  • We Never Ever Give Up Our Passion: Under no circumstance would we ever abandon our passion, regardless of how silly everyone else may think it is. We endure till the bitter end and are infinitely loyal to our obsession.
  • We Don’t Care What Mainstream People Think: Most of us ultimately don’t care if non-geeks don’t understand us or think we are odd, we may even enjoy existing outside the mainstream.

If most of the above applies to you, undoubtedly you are a geek. Rejoice, it’s a great way to be. What I also love about being a geek is the camaraderie among geeks, the deep understanding and respect we harbor for each other, and the ease with which we can relate to each other and forge lifelong friendships.

There is no point in trying not to be a geek to please those around you. Just be yourself and be as geeky as you want, regardless of the opinions of others. After all, it’s your life, and you can decide what kind of shoes you want to fill. Let no one tell you otherwise.