Protecting Your Tech While You Travel

Most of us, in the modern world, rely on our various devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and gaming devices, to such a degree that if we were to lose them or if they were to go missing or get stolen, it would be a major headache, to say the least.

Unfortunately, millions of devices are lost, stolen or broken each year, and many of these incidents happen when people are traveling and may be less vigilant of their stuff or less able to take care of it. If the worst happens and an item is stolen, make sure to contact the local police as soon as possible. You can also contact a private investigator, who may be able to track your device, and therefore the thief with it. Contact now or as soon as possible after the incident to give the investigative team the best chance of finding the thief and your device.

If you don’t want to be stuck without your laptop when you’re working on the go, or unable to call home when you’re off on vacation, you need to take a few simple measures to protect your tech, which is exactly what you will find below:

Take it on the plane with you

If you are flying, then taking your tech on the plane with you, if it is possible to do so will protect it from being damaged when it goes through baggage and when it is stored in the hold. Not only that, but if you have it on you, it is much less likely to be stolen when your guard is down too.

If you absolutely cannot take your tech on the plane with you, then try to wrap it up in the middle of your luggage with lots of clothes, so that it is not likely to get damaged, and anyone who cuts opens your suitcase hoping to find something interesting will probably miss it too.

Placing it in a super-strong case or cover is also a good idea as it will better take any impact that your tech does receive.

Invest in anti-theft backpacks

When you’re traveling in unknown locations, it can be harder to protect your tech from theft because you don’t always know which areas are safe, and your guard is often down because you are so busy having a good time exploring.

Luckily, it is possible to invest in anti-theft backpacks which makes it a lot more difficult for people who might want to take your tech to actually do so, especially without you first noticing and being able to prevent the theft. The great thing about these bags is that they will not only protect your phone and tablet, but also the calling cards you use to stay in touch with people, your passports, your credit cards, and any other valuables you may have on you at the time.

Invest in waterproof cases

These days, you can buy waterproof cases for everything from your laptop to your phone, and if you are going to be hitting a location with a beach, or where it is likely to raisin, then ensuring that your tech is inside one of these cases, will vastly minimize the risk of your tech getting wet and potentially developing a fault as a result. If you can find a waterproof backpack, then that will double up the protection too.

Use an RFID-blocking card carrier

Of course, these days, it is not just the technology itself that you will want to profit when traveling it is the data that your devices contain too. One very simple thing you can do to keep the data stored on your smartphone, and even credit cards safe is to invest in an RFID-blocking card wallet and/or phone case, which will protect your stuff should someone try to hack in and swipe the data.

Use a VPN

Often, when you’re traveling you will need to connect to a public Wi-Fi connection in order to check your email, do your digital nomad work or get in touch with family back home. Although convenient, these connections are rarely secure and it would be possible for people to gain access to your data when you are using these connections. Using a VPN and connecting in incognito mode will drastically reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Stay aware

Above all else, the one thing that will really help you to protect your tech when you are traveling is to stay vigilant at all times. Always be aware of your surroundings and what people are doing, and if you see any unusual activity on any of your devices, act fast to lock down your data, ns you will more than likely be fine.

Protecting your tech now will save you from a major headache in the future, so it really is worth taking the time and effort to put these measures into place before you travel.