Play To Win (Earn Real World Money, Gaming)

Yes, your dreams really have come true, because you can now play games for real money online. Of course, it’s worth doing a little investigating into how things work before you begin. That is why we have put together this simple guide below.


Much like similar MMORPGs, Runescape has an in-game currency known as gold pieces. Also much like other MMORPGs, as its popularity increased, so did the call to be able to buy this currency outside of the game, for use within it.

The primary way of accumulating gold pieces in Runescape is by getting as good as you can at mining, woodcutting, or fishing. These are the big three skills that allow you to farm gold and then sell it outside of the game.

However, before you choose this option it is worth bearing in mind, that the profits to be made are pretty low. Unless you hail from a country with an underperforming financial market such as Venezuela. Indeed, some Venezuelans have taken to farming gold in Runescape online full time, as it’s far more profitable than the 40 USD they can expect for a month’s work!


There is considerable money to be made at eSports, for the privileged few that is. Indeed, you really need to be part of a team and benefit from tournament prize money and most importantly sponsorship deals that come along with it to make big bucks here. However, anyone who is not part of a team can make money through esports betting, even if they aren’t taking part in the actual games.

The good thing about esports is that it is now being seen as both a legitimate sport and as a legitimate source of income. You can even become a professional level gamer playing Minecraft these days as Technoblade has proved.

Casino games

A more instant way of earning money from gaming online is to opt for casino games. The great thing about these is that there is a wide choice of games available from card-based ones like blackjack, to roulette and slot machines.

There are also plenty of sites offering such games, and many have mobile apps so you can play them at home or away. Of course, it’s well worth doing some research and checking out things like these Mobile Casino Reviews before you decide where to play. After all, finding out what the game is about before you invest your money can help you be more successful. Not to mention the great deals you can get on signing up bonuses which can help you expand your winning exponentially.


Last of all, if you are looking to game online to win money, how about trying swag bucks? Of course, most people think about sites like Swagbucks as a platform that allows users to earn money online at home through cashback on purchases and payments for online surveys.

However, they also offer a range of games, which allow players to accumulate points that can be traded for PayPal payments or vouchers to popular stores like Amazon. Indeed, you can earn a massive 100SB just for playing the hugely popular Candy Crush Soda Saga!