Phones: Keep The Old One Or Upgrade?

Do you have your eyes set on the latest iPhone? The iPhone 12 has beaten previous records by becoming the most expensive iPhone model yet. Yet, it was lined up to be a game-changer form the start with its design, performance boost, and amazing camera tech – without forgetting the indispensable 5G tech. As soon at Apple released the first data and image of their latest models, sceptic customers were convinced. Apple biggest selling model until them was the iPhone 11, which increased in price exponentially to its new capacity. The latest model, iPhone 12 matched the increase in both price and capacity. 

The truth with smartophone is that at some point, you’ll need to update yours. But with such a packed release programme, it’s tricky to pick the best timing to satisfy your tech needs, budget, and environmental commitment. When is it right to upgrade and when should you wait a little longer? 

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Saving money with previous-gen phones

Why do people consider upgrading their phones? There could be a hundred of reasons. But one of the most common response is because your current phone doesn’t work anymore. Broken screen and damaged batteries are some of the most frequent complaints. But, they are also some of the easiest and quickest things to fix on your phone. With countless of online material teaching you the step-by-step tips to repair your device, you can easily rescue your phone from an unfair death. The good news is that you can buy everything you need at a small cost. You can save yourself hundreds of pounds with a cheap DIY kit that will cost you less than 10. 

Some devices are pretty accessible to enthusiastic DIYers, such as Androids and old iPhones. Newest models, however, may be more challenging. 

Take it to the manufacturer for fixes

Can manufacturers repair your smartphone for you? If you are not confident with a DIY kit, or if for some reason the repair isn’t possible at home, it can be helpful to reach out to the manufacturers. Indeed, it’s important to understand that smartphones are not exactly environmentally friendly. They are driving the Earth’s resource to an extinction. The typical smartphone requires 75 out of the nonradioactive 81 elements in the period table. Your device contains approximately 63% of the elements from the periodic table, including rare Earth metals. In short, it’s hard to think of our mobile devices as being green. They are damaging to the environment. Therefore, it can be helpful to reach out to your manufacturer to discuss the possibility of repair works. This will save you money as you get to use your device for longer. Additionally, you can also cut down environmental impact. Repairing smartphones means manufacturers can keep production wastes low. 

Keeping your old phone safe

Understandably, you can’t keep the same device ad vitam eternam. But you can certainly make it last long enough to recoup its environmental and budget impacts. Simple choices can make a big difference, such as phone cases. Picking awesome custom phone cases doesn’t only add personality to your smartphone. It also adds essential protection. At an age where mobile devices are outgrowing our pockets, you want to make sure you can keep your device protected inside your bag. Shocks and scratches can damage its surface while small dust particles are likely to get lodged inside thin openings. 

Additionally, operating system updates are not optional. They are designed to maintain your phone’s performance and safety. It doesn’t need saying, but you should keep up-to-date with all iOS and OS changes. It’s worth mentioning that no update should be run without making a backup, as you want a safety net at all times. Failed updates are a frequently cited reason to change phones, as users don’t know how to restore data successfully. 

What if my phone isn’t supported anymore?

It doesn’t matter how much care you take. Sometimes, old models stop being relevant. Many application designers, for instance, have stopped supporting iPhones 4 and below. If you are going to make the most of your device, you need to make sure you can use it. When applications are not supported for your operating system anymore, it’s time to consider switching for a more recent model. But thankfully, you’ve got a few options here too: 

Option 1: Recycle the old phone

Most manufacturers are supporting recycling programmes to reduce the consumption of Earth’s resources. As part of the trade-in programme, most brand disassemble devices for recycling. Old devices may not be valuable for an exchange solution, yet their parts can be repurposed in the build of future devices. 

Option 2: Trade-in the old for a new

As mentioned, some models can be traded-in to obtain a discount on the purchase of a new phone. It’s worth checking the manufacturer’s website to find out more about the exchange models. Big brands such as Samsung and Apple have introduced trade-in prices for years. The rules are simple: more recent models are highly priced, which means you can get a significant discount on the cost of your next mobile, if you buy form the manufacturer. To give you an idea, the estimated trade-in value of an iPhone 11 Pro max is 550. Yet, if you’ve got an iPhone 6, you wouldn’t be able to trade it in for more than 40. 

Option 3: Financing the purchase

Typically, manufacturers and phone contractors allow buyers to buy their devices through financing plans. You will not save money in the long term, but it makes newest models affordable. 

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Option 4: Refurbished smartphones

Did you know you could buy refurbished smartphones that have been fixed by a specialist team? Refurbished models can be up to 70% cheaper and they still come with a 12 months warranty. This is a valuable option both for the environment and your budget. 

Option 5: Don’t buy the latest model

Most manufacturers offer discounts on their previous generation models. You could get a top quality device at a slightly cheaper price. You may also find discounts like these for Cricket online that could help save you some money on a new plan.

Option 6: Look for special launch prices

Ahead of the launch, manufacturers can be willing to offer limited offers, such as a discounted accessories for their latest model. 

In conclusion, it’s hard to find the right balance between environmental, budget, and tech considerations. Ideally, you will find the best compromise by either keeping your older phone for a little longer or trading it in against a newer model.