Investments That Are Great For Geeks

Investing can seem like a naturally geeky thing to do; after all, you’re playing against the market, and that takes a certain degree of focus that not everyone has. But when it comes to your interests specifically, there are plenty of investment circles you can move into, that are both fun and lucrative. And seeing as you’re a geek with a bit of money to splash right now, we’ve got three big hitters in the geeky investment world for you to look into below. 

Some investments are better than others, but make sure you’re investing in the things you really enjoy. (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)


When peer to peer lending came onto the screen, it seemed only natural that one day people would be able to donate to projects in their droves, as long as they believed in the idea that was being presented to them. And if you consider yourself a bit of a geek, there’s going to be many crowdfunds out there perfectly tailored to your tastes! 

So, whether you’d like to see a nerd themed coffee shop set up down the road from you, or you want to get your hands on a bit of tech that’s been listed on a crowdfunding website, and you’re happy with the reward schemes, put as much as you want into them. 


Cards are a big hitter in the investment world right now, and for good reason. From sports cards to pokemon cards, there are so many collectors out there who would pay top dollar for a collection of either, and there are plenty of great deals you yourself could invest in. 

The latter card type alone could be very good for your bank account. If you were a pokemon loving kid who would Buy Pokémon Cards whenever you had a bit of spare money, and had a full (or partial) set of the first and second generations, you could very well be sitting on a small fortune right now. Indeed, rare pokemon cards tend to go for at least $10,000 a piece – all you need to do is get your binder valued. 


Of course, cars are going to be a very attractive investment prospect, especially if you’re interested in new, modern cars that have a lot of new tech going for them. Whether you want to have the car for yourself, rent it out for others, or simply keep it until people consider it a ‘classic’, a car can be well worth the money. 

Indeed, if you’ve got the time to take care of the car, and the space to keep it safe (from both weather and human threats), you have a good chance of making double the return at least. Just make sure you’re investing in the right cars, to make sure you’ve got the best chance of selling on one day soon. 

If you’re a geek, and you want to know what to do with your money, make sure you’re investing in some geeky assets that are both fun to collect and valuable to keep for later.