Investing In A Covid-19 Market: What Is It All About?

National debt has never ever been higher before. All around the world, the central banks are printing too high heaven. This can only mean a substantial rise in inflation. This will in turn mean that our taxes will also have to rise. So, things are getting more expensive, living costs are rising and soon, when the stimulus runs out, we’re going to be paying the taxman what he wants. So, unless you want to be steamrolled over by the incoming austerity and market correction, you will place a large part or at least some part of your wealth, into covid-19-proof areas of investment. But is there such a thing?

FX battles

The US Dollar is the number one currency in the world. It is the world reserve currency, making it the currency that all other currencies will be compared to. You should download Forex Trading if you want to know all about foreign exchange rate trading. You can trade currencies when they go up and down and hopefully, make a profit. It’s quite easy to understand the concept but difficult to predict. However, since you can buy and sell with your own money, you can make more profit. However, you can also borrow currencies, sell them for a profit and then buy them back as they fall. It’s important to understand the cycle and you should always remain in the black.

Investing in Gold

Gold per troy ounce has been on a continuous bull run ever since New Year. It was ready on the charge because of the national debt. The US debt is now $28 trillion and in 4 years, it will be $48 trillion. This means that the interest on the debt will be half a trillion very soon. In other words, the USD will start to decline. To hedge your bet against the dollar, you can invest in Gold. Per troy ounce, it has risen from $1,300 to $2,000 and then back to where it currently is at $1,900. The new bottom, as it is now being called, is still higher than the price of gold, for the last 30+ years. Hence, it is a great time to buy gold coins or gold bars. You can also get gold bullions to invest in pure gold. However, before choosing the state of gold you want to invest in, you can do your research on bullion and gold differences, buy what you find more beneficial, and store them in your house somewhere safe.

Invest in wholesalers

Investing in large distributing companies like Amazon and Alibaba is very prudent during this time of the year, but doubly so, in COVID-19. We’re all shopping more online and probably will only be shopping online during Christmas season. So, invest in Amazon stock and you could make a profit that prolongs all the way into the New Year. In January the price was $1,900 and now a few months later it’s $3,300. The current projections state that as the company streamlines it’s delivery service to more parts of the world, the stock could jump to $5,000.

Investing in a covid-19 market isn’t easy, but there are options out there if you look for safe havens. FX trading is definitely something to consider since it’s easy to understand.