Improve Your Online Presence This Week

As a new entrepreneur, setting up your brand new company and getting used to working for yourself can be a challenge. When it comes to setting up a successful small business in 2020, digital tools are a must. 

An online presence includes a website and social media as well as email – and it is a way to put your stamp on the business world and engage with your audience. To build a successful online presence this year there are certain things you need to do and important rules to follow, and today we will share those with you. 

Take your own photos 

Stock images are great as you start out with your business; but after a while you need to break away from that safety net and create your own images to represent your brand. If you don’t have experience behind the camera it is worth hiring a photographer to help you take images that represent your business as well as show off products and services. If you do know your way around the lens, take the opportunity to get creative and use another brand’s images as inspiration to take your own. There are lots of brilliant ways to show off your products and services and by taking unique images you will gain credibility. 

Get on social media 

Social media is the powerhouse of marketing just like mitochondria is to the cell. If you want to make an impression in this day and age online you need to have social media accounts and post often to your followers. Social media is very much dependent on the type of company you have, so make sure to choose social platforms that suit your brand. For example here are the typical audiences for some of the most popular social media channels: 

  • Facebook – adults aged 25-40
  • Twitter – adults aged 20-32
  • Instagram – women aged 18-30 
  • Pinterest – women ages 25-35
  • YouTube – ages 13-40
  • LinkedIn – business people 

Using the general audiences of these social channels will allow you to tailor your social strategy to your audience. For example, a new-build housing project might use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They may even buy Instagram likes to help boost their own presence on the platform!

Create profile pictures 

An important part of improving your online presence is to create great profile pictures that stand out and show who you are. This is where your logo will come into play and your brand identity is key. Your profile pictures should focus on a simple logo that is easily recognizable and is the same across all social media. You want to ensure that no matter where your audience comes from they always know it is you they are looking at. 

Create video content 

In recent years, video content has become more and more a staple part of our online world. Where Facebook used to be a sea of statuses and photos of people’s dinner; it is now a hub for cute animals videos and clever 5 Minute Crafts videos and the like. To really get noticed online these days you need to learn how to invest in video content. Videos can be a little more complex and time consuming to create however when they are posted they will often bring much more value to your followers and gain you more recognition than any image or post. 

Use your imagination 

When marketing online, it is important to remember that you don’t have to stay by the book and do what everyone else does. If you have a wacky idea for something to get people’s attention don’t be afraid to do it. Going viral by doing something unique is exactly what helps businesses and brands these days so when you have a great idea, go with it and make it happen. 

Run with the trends 

Trends are incredibly important and as a small business owner you need to stay in the loop and create content that makes the most of them. For example, if you were following the recent election, you could have created some content to follow alongside this should as articles or a video that was election themed. When it comes to trends you can also take advantage of things such as big movie releases and create themed content to celebrate this. By using trending hashtags you can make a big impression and gain a bigger following than you had before. 

Test your website 

Your website needs to be in tip top shape if you are to relish in online success. It is important to conduct user testing of your website as well as remote moderated research to ensure that your website is the best it can be. A smooth running website makes a whole lot of difference to your customers and you have the opportunity to gain a higher conversion rate by having a well designed and fast website. 

Create engaging content 

When creating a good online presence it is important for you to be consistent with content creation. From images you post on social media to articles you post on your blog; your online content needs to be engaging and offer something useful to your audience. Take the time to learn how to create the best copy you can for your online channels, and make sure to share content consistently every day or week to maintain continued interest. 

Be human 

The worst thing you can do as a business owner online is to act like a robot. It is important even when managing a small business that you take the time to talk to your audience like people. Human to human interaction goes a long way in the business world, and by building a real connection with the people who support you, you will gain a bigger following and find better success as an online entrepreneur.

Share a story 

If you have a story of how you came to be an entrepreneur, share it with your audience. People always appreciate a good story and this will bring you closer to your followers and allow you to thrive in the online world.