How To Stay Safe While Gaming

No matter where you look, when it comes to online gaming everybody has an opinion. Not all of these opinions are positive, despite the fact that gaming is one of the safest things that can be done today. There are more rules and regulations for online gaming than many other different industries, and if you want to play games online you have to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

Gaming varies from the games played online with friends to the Spin and win casino that you can play in the evening to earn a little cash. Either way, these games are structured in a way that keeps you from A) losing all of your money and B) making yourself vulnerable to scammers. You deserve to be able to log into your game of choice and enjoy yourself while you are playing, which means that you need to be looking out for some of the most important tips to keep yourself safe when you play online. Nobody wants to be talking to strangers, and while it’s important that you don’t trust things but if you cannot see where they keep their brains, online games aren’t exactly the same. Some people create their closest friendships when they game online, and this could be you – all you need to do is ensure you are practicing a few cybersecurity tips. Moreover, if you are also into the best play to earn games such as NFT games that lets you win collectibles, you need to secure your internet network as well as gaming profile and other personal details.

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  • Consider hiding your real identity. One of the most foolproof ways that you can stay safe online is by not telling anybody who you are. That doesn’t make you a catfish, because you’re not trying to scam anybody. We’re just trying to play your games in peace. Almost all reputable online video gaming sites will require your gaming ID or name to identify who you are on the platform. You don’t have to have a real name, so unless you’re playing for money and are required to offer your driving license as proof of ID, make sure that you have a fake name. 
  • Don’t tell players who you are. Similarly to the above, when you play online video games and online gambling games, never reveal your true identity to the other players. This is the whole point of a fake gaming name, and it’s going to keep you safe. If people can’t identify you, they can’t search your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts. This prevents “real lifing” situations and having people contact your family. 
  • Always pick the strongest passwords. Strong passwords and multifactor authentication are two of the things that you need the most to keep you safe online. Pick passwords that don’t match your passwords from other websites or from your email, and keep them unique to the video game. Make it 10 characters or more, and you should be able to ensure that you are safe from being hacked. Mix them up with letters, numbers and symbols, and you will make the strongest possible password.
  • Cloak your computer. Protecting your computer is so important and you should do this before you press play. Make sure that you have security software installed and updated frequently, and if you can, open the software and check for any recent updates before you start playing. This will keep any hackers or malware from getting into your files, and ensure that your device doesn’t contain any viruses that could be watching your keystrokes. Protecting and cloaking your computer will ensure nobody can get at it.
  • Stay away from the drama. When you play online, there is a certain level of drama because everybody is heightened from the games are being played. You don’t have to involve yourself with this, and you can block any players that are intent on causing my list. When you say away from the drama, you say away from players trying to get into your system is your computer and reveal your identity. Player to player interactions are often opportunities for you to be able to make friends, but in some cases, they are there to intimidate. If you’re ever feeling uneasy with interactions, block the players and report them to the site.

Image source: Pexels

  • Keep your WebCam switched off. It’s true that WebCams are portals for people to be able to hack in and watch what you’re doing. Most people now keep a piece of masking tape stuck over the WebCam on the laptop, so they don’t have to necessarily keep the camera off. If your camera is built into your laptop simply cover it up. You can also unplug WebCam devices to make sure that nobody can look at you through your WebCam. Believe me, it does happen.
  • Never click the link. If you want to remain safe online, don’t click any links that are sent to you offering free downloads or cheat programs. Firstly, you shouldn’t cheat in the game that you’re playing, but really if you click on those links you could potentially be putting your computer at risk. You can avoid that by not taking on anything sent in a message unless it’s by a trusted person from the company themselves. 
  • Keep us online. Often, when you play video games with some people you may want to meet up in person for the first time, it’s tempting to meet up with them and see them in person. You don’t have to do this. You do not have to meet anybody in person from the Internet – because you really don’t know who you’re playing with. Keep yourself safe by keeping everything online and keeping away from personal relationships built online as much as possible.
  • Read the reviews. The best way to tell if any of the gaming sites that you are playing on our safe is within the reviews from other people. Look for their reputation and find them online so that you know whether or not you are dealing with a reputable company.
  • Invest in advanced security. Depending on the games you are playing, and the sites that you’re using, you may want to consider hiding your IP address. This will prevent any site scanners from finding where you are and loading any malware directly onto your computer and having it download in the background.