Helpful Steps To Take When You Have Work Anxiety

Work related anxiety isn’t uncommon. Many of us now live much faster paced lives than we used to, with the use of the internet, the invention of apps, and all of the other innovations that keep us on our toes. That doesn’t mean you should just accept work related anxiety as a part of life. If it’s impacting how you function and you don’t feel you can live with it any longer, it’s time to do something about it. It might be normal to feel anxious during stressful seasons or months, but prolonged anxiety can be really bad for you. Read on for some helpful steps to take when you have work anxiety: 

  1. Speak To Your Boss Or Manager

Having a chat with your boss or manager could be a difficult step to take for some. If you’re already struggling with anxiety and need to approach somebody higher up than you, you may end up feeling even worse waiting for their response, worried that you are going to be fired. They won’t fire you for being upfront and honest with them, which is why it’s better to do this as early on as possible. If your work does begin to suffer over a period of time and you haven’t said anything, then they could bring it up first – which isn’t the way to go and could cause problems.

As hard as it may be, ask for a meeting, be completely honest, and see how they can help you. If you think this is a temporary thing, then you may want to tell them so, especially if you know why it has happened (perhaps you’ve lost someone, maybe there’s another problem). They should be understanding and want to help you to find a way to feel better. If this stems from the work and the type/amount of work alone, then you still need to be honest and let that be known. Try to be as clear in your communication as you possibly can be. 

  1. Step Away From Your Computer

Take breaks. Never feel guilty for taking breaks. We shouldn’t be sat down for too many consecutive hours, let alone staring at a screen. Take a walk around, get a drink, even take a little while to read a magazine if you need to get out of a tough headspace. 

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine can make us jittery and nervous. It can give us a boost at the start of the day, but it can hinder us just as much. Try to be mindful of this and switch to tea or a caffeine free drink a little later in the day. You’ll end up sleeping better at night, too. 

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  1. Exercise Before Work 

Finding the time to exercise before work could be tough, but you’ll be glad you did it. You’ll feel more in control, and the endorphins your body has created will help you to keep stress at bay. You’ll probably feel like you can handle whatever the day throws at you. Consider both the long and short term benefits and see what happens. 

  1. Eat Nutritious Meals 

Nutritious meals help to fuel you for the day ahead. Try to balance them as much as you can, and even take tupperware to work if possible. Buying meals from food establishments could mean eating things that aren’t good for you too often. Don’t forget your supplements either: a multivitamin, and even cbd gummies for anxiety can help you to feel better in the long run. 

  1. Communicate To Those Around You

Speak to your colleagues. They may be stressed too and you may not even know it. A problem shared really is a problem halved. Sometimes, just saying things out loud can help you. 

  1. Breathe Deeply

Taking deep breaths is something you can do any time for free. Many people take short, shallow breaths, and this signals more stress to the body, making our feelings worse. Take deep belly breaths instead. 

If work anxiety is something you’ve been suffering from for a long time and taking the steps above do not seem to help (especially the chat with your boss), then it could be time to consider your options. Leaving or finding a new position within the company could be the right way forward. We often learn what is right for us and what isn’t as we go, so you shouldn’t consider this a failure, but rather something valuable you have learned about yourself. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts below!