Get Your Costs Under Control With QA and Test Automation

There are lots of different technologies and software available for healthcare facilities and manufacturers to use to improve the quality of the service they provide. Thus, as an industry, healthcare has grown ever more reliant on technology – and is continuously evolving as technology transforms culture and society. Yet compared to other industries, healthcare technology’s growth is still in its infancy, with endless possibilities on the horizon. That’s why your healthcare organization needs to think of QA and test automation when considering the impact healthcare technology has on patient outcomes, cost of services, and overall organizational efficiency.

More Than Just a Trend

With technology use in healthcare rapidly catching up to technology saturation in business environments, it’s clear that our future in medical care and patient services will be increasingly IT-driven with expanding requirements and technology complexity. However, the benefits of technology can quickly be crippled if that technology doesn’t perform well or integrate with your existing infrastructure. With analysts predicting a rise in use of AI, blockchain, and EHR analytics in the healthcare sector, it’s essential to be prepared ahead of time with a QA process that supports seamless integration and expansion of healthcare technology frameworks.

Software Quality Assurance at Its Finest

Healthcare software assurance and QA is a field like no other, requiring stringent compliance not just with expectations for software outcomes, but with industry and federal regulations and standards governing requirements for safe and ethical patient care. To be truly effective as a healthcare services provider, industry experts recommend a rigorous, fully standards-compliant quality assurance program that prevents costly errors and redundant rework efforts.

Regulatory Compliance and Conformance Testing

What if you could test compliance and conformance with medical standards and regulations in near real-time? CitiusTech offers solutions for conformance testing with industry frameworks and security requirements, including HIPAA, VA, FDA, and Meaningful Use – as well as compliance testing for devices, ICD 9-10 migration, HITECH, CCHIT, and more. With a comprehensive suite of protocols and standards built in, you can create a QA and test automation framework that meets your organization’s needs.

QA Test Automation

Take the manual effort out of QA testing and results analysis with test automation that encompasses regression testing, business process testing, and a customized approach to keyword-driven, data-driven, and hybrid testing. Our testing team possesses outstanding experience with automation tools such as Selenium, QTP, and Rational Robot across a wide suite of healthcare applications. With QA testing tools powered by quality experts, your healthcare organization removes the costs associated with maintaining a full-time QA staff while reaping the benefits of improved margins through a significant drop in manual effort.

A Team You Can Trust

With CitiusTech you get not just a dedicated team, but the power of over 700 professionals consolidated into a single software optimization and test management force. With our team backing your organization you gain cross-functional expertise across multiple domains, pooled insight, and multiple layers of specialization to ensure your test and QA management framework is designed specifically for your organization and your healthcare IT infrastructure.

Trust the keen technical acumen of certified professionals whose sole mission is to optimize your software efficiency, reduce your healthcare IT costs, and discover new ways that software automation and test solutions can bring your organization into the future of healthcare IT.