Gaming On Holiday: Got A Trip Booked? Can You Play? 

For the passionate gamer, the allure of the screen is magnetic, drawing you into a world where victory becomes an intrinsic part of your gaming DNA. The pursuit of triumph is ingrained, whether achieved through skillful gameplay, strategic maneuvers, or the temptation of cheats and hacks. It’s not just a pastime; it’s a relentless quest for success, an insatiable desire to conquer virtual realms and emerge victorious.

The screen becomes your battlefield, and winning is not just a goal; it’s an instinct. The flicker of pixels and the glow of colors are the canvas upon which your gaming prowess is painted. Every click, every strategy, and every move are executed with precision, fueled by the innate thrill of competition and the hunger for triumph.

Whether you choose the path of fair play or dabble in the clandestine realm of cheats and hacks (by going through, the common thread is the pursuit of victory. The screen is your stage, and each gaming session is a performance where you aim not just to play but to dominate. In this digital arena, success is not measured solely in points but in the adrenaline-pumping satisfaction of emerging as the ultimate victor, your gaming prowess etched into the pixels of the screen you so fervently embrace.

Gaming on Holiday

If you are in the process of planning and booking a much-deserved holiday, you’ve probably got a few questions to satisfy your gaming passion.

First of all, is it okay to play games when you are travelling with a loved one or friends?

Secondly, what is the best holiday type for video games and what do you need to consider?

And finally, how can you protect your devices on holiday?

For gamers on the go, these questions are not incidental. We all appreciate the growing benefits of gaming in day-to-day life:

  • Income generation
  • Mental focus
  • Relaxation
  • Keeping in touch with the online community
  • Entertainment
  • An immersive story
  • Etc.

So, of course, we don’t want to sacrifice an important hobby during the holiday. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to play games during your vacation.

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I’m travelling; is it okay to play video games?

When it comes to social expectations, gaming is not frequently something people associate with travel.

“You should enjoy the moment rather than playing.”

In reality, most airline companies provide an array of gaming opportunities in-flight for long-haul trips. In other words, yes, gaming is not only okay but it is also encouraged. It can be a great way of killing time during a long journey.

Gamers have to thank BTS member Jin for another excellent use of travel gaming. Jin recently made history by breaking the record for the longest live recording (over 3 hours) during a short trip to the USA, where he played the infamous “Get Over With It” game,, until the middle of the night. For those travelling through many time zones, gaming can be a handy solution to re-adjust your sleeping cycles.

What should I consider for safe holiday gaming?

Perhaps, the most important consideration is whether you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite gamers on the go. The majority of transportable video gamers require an Internet connection. So, you want to pick a destination that will provide stable online access.

When it comes to the journey, you are more likely to enjoy relatively stable connections on-board planes, trains and cruise ships such as, as most transport operators now provide some sort of Internet access to their guests. Beware, though, it could come at a cost. Cruise Internet costs are also more affordable nowadays than they used to be, for example, and some lines even offer it for free.

Is the connection reliable? It will not match the seamless experience you have on land, but connections have gone a lot faster.

How to protect my devices and data

Cybersecurity remains a problem on WiFi networks run by trains and cruise ships. So, if you wish to connect, you might want to use a VPN to protect your data.

Another consideration is about physically protecting your devices. For instance, if you’re taking a laptop for gaming, you want to make sure you can look after it. Store your laptop in a secure and cool area in your accommodation. Leaving a laptop in the direct sun heat could damage it! Clean it, especially after the journey, as it might have accumulated dust and debris that can block the fan vents. Lastly, ensure your devices are covered by your insurance.

Playing video games during your holiday can help you kill time during long trips and avoid some jetlag symptoms. Thankfully, most holiday services have WiFi access, but we’d recommend using a VPN network for your safety. If you are taking a gaming device with you, such as a laptop, double-check your travel or device insurance policy for protection.