Five of the best facial gadgets


£28, Sarah Chapman (
They say Unique massager mimics the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of our Skinesis massage. The Facialift helps to lift and drain toxins and reduce puffiness, giving you the immediate glow of a Skinesis facial.
We say
Created by one of London’s most in-demand facialists, Sarah Chapman, this gizmo mimics the actions of facial massage via eight cog-like rollers that knead into the skin. The rollers are attached to two bendy prongs that fit snugly around the face, which you push and pull over your jaw and neck like a lawnmower eight to ten times a day. Like Chapman’s massage, the aim is to drain toxins that form around the chin, which can create puffiness and grey-looking skin. Even after one, slightly painful, introductory go on the gadget, I notice that my skin looks markedly more plump and alive. A few days of usage later and I am sure my cheekbones are more prominent. This easily outscores some of the electronic gadgets I’ve tried, plus it requires no charging and costs a third of their price. I’ve got my eye on the body-roller next.

Darphin L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert
£83.33, Darphin (
They say Helps provide detoxifying and gentle deep cleansing. Skin is better moisturised, can feel plumper, smoother and more radiant with fewer noticeable fine dry lines. Boosts microcirculation and skin’s natural exfoliation process.
We say
This device is sleek, light to hold and versatile in that it comes with twin attachments that both cleanse and massage your face. The brush is soft, not at all scratchy, and the vibrations are gentle enough to feel soothing rather than abrasive. I found that after a week of use with the Darphin cleansing facial wash my skin looked more youthful and rejuvenated. The massage attachment was slightly less successful in that the results are harder to discern, but my pores did seem to tighten in appearance and my skin appeared less oily with regular use.

Luna Go
£85, Foreo (
They say With delicate, ultra-flexible bristles, Luna Go eliminates every last trace of daily dirt and grime without offending your complexion’s sensibilities. One minute in cleansing mode is all it takes to leave your skin peachy-soft and glowing. Flip the device to enhance the penetration of your serum.
We say
The Luna Go is so small it fits easily within your palm. At first the vibration feels slightly disconcerting because your whole hand seems to pulsate with the effect, but this device doesn’t have a brush that clogs or needs replacing, which I love. The whole pebble-sized gadget acts as a facial cleanser on one side, then a massager on the other. I enjoyed the feel of the tiny rubber bristles as they cleansed my skin, and it’s so easy to simply turn the Luna over and use the other side, with its two intensities, to either massage in your serum or moisturiser or just “relax” your facial muscles. I found that one charge lasted at least 30 uses, despite its tiny size. My skin has never felt so squeaky clean.

Facegym Pro
£399, Facegym (
They say Instant non-invasive face-lift device is like a personal “face” trainer in your handbag.
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You might have seen the fascinating YouTube clips of women getting their faces jiggled, stretched and on occasion slapped at the Facegym. Instead of being a facial, it’s a workout for your face muscles administered by a “trainer” who “exercises and tones” your skin for brilliant anti-ageing effects (hence why it’s known as the “non-invasive face lift”; prices start at £45 a session). Die-hards fans asked Father Christmas for the Facegym Pro, which looks like something obscene but is actually a handheld device that sends out electro-muscle stimulation to, you guessed it, stimulate your face muscles. It comes with a primer gel made by the fashion editor’s favourite facialist, Alexandra Soveral; apply it liberally before you get going. Start on the low setting if it’s your first time and gradually increase to medium then high (the session lasts ten minutes and it beeps after five so that you know when to switch to the other side of your face). The muscles round my eyes and chin started twitching as I moved the electrodes over them (slightly unnerving but not painful), but even after one session my skin looked tighter and my cheeks more plump. Even couch potatoes can get on board with this workout.

Tone, Glow and Go Collection
£150, NuFace (
They say Innovator in anti-ageing NuFace uses the power of microcurrents to invigorate skin. FDA-approved and clinically proven, the easy-to-use gadgets can improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles with just five minutes’ use a day.
We say
Not only is this collection good value for money, given that it includes two products and an adorable toiletry bag, but the NuFace is also a revelation in terms of at-home skin treatments.The easy-to-follow tips show you how to run the machine along the contours of your face to tighten and define. There is a pleasant, tingling sensation as the microcurrent penetrates your skin, and with a fortnight’s use I found that it gave my skin a more toned look. It’s not quite a five-minute facelift, but I do think my skin is more taut around the cheekbones and jawline. It’s an affordable way to get salon-grade treatments at home.