Essential Things You Need To Start Your Business At Home

Starting to work from home in your own office is something we all think about from time to time. The idea of not having a boss looking over our shoulders and no longer having to contend with a heavy commute is always welcome and many of us hope one day to achieve this dream.


Working for ourselves is one of the great joys of life, and if you are about to take the leap this fall and start a business from your sofa – there are some essential things you need to have.

Here are all of the things you need to start your business at home this month.

A laptop

The first and most important piece of tech you need at your disposal as a new business is a laptop. From generating ideas, making a cap table for the business accounting-related tasks, communicating with employees, and handling all work-related tasks, a laptop can definitely come in handy. You’ll need a laptop in order to take your work any room in the house and also if you need a change of scenery you can take your laptop to a local cafe and work there for a while. Having a portable device will make your life easier and it will allow you to work where ever you feel most productive and work whenever you feel most productive.

A quiet workspace

When you start working from home it is all too tempting to set yourself up on the sofa with the tv on and your feet under a cosy blanket – however over time this will hinder your ability to work productively. Instead, consider thinking about creating a quiet office space in your home whether it be in the corner of a room or a whole room itself. This will make such a big difference to you and it will ensure that you are in the right mindset when you start work and that you have everything in one place. Should you find yourself needing to shop for things like office furniture (desk, chair, storage, etc), you may wish to take a look at sites like SERP Co (, who have lists of all sorts of products that you may need to get, so you don’t have to spend time looking at lots of different websites to compare what’s available.

A business email address

It is crucial when you start a new business that you also invest in a New Email Address with the domain of your company name. You can’t be seen as a professional if you are using a gmail or aol email address. Make sure to invest in one simple email address from your business and when people want to contact you for work they will feel more trusting in you as a business and not just some random person sitting on their sofa in their pyjamas. Putting a professional face forward is so important.

Cloud storage

One of the things you should consider getting as soon as you start your new business this year is some cloud storage for it. Cloud storage will not only help you to store all of your files and items in one place but it will also allow you to access them from anywhere. Being able to access your work from your phone or from any other computer is such a step forward for remote working and it will ensure that whenever you have a great idea or you need to check something you’ll have full access with no issues at all.