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If you are into geek stuff, please get in touch by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Regardless of whether you’d like us to review a product, want to upload a video or write a guest post or have a set of geeky questions, do contact me.

Through this website, I have met lots of interesting people, many of whom have inspired me or blown my mind with their latest tech discovery. I’ve also been able to answer questions on gadgets, coding, and other tech related stuff, and in the process, we always learn something new.

No enquiry is too odd or unusual, in fact, the more outlandish your project or question, the more interesting we’ll find it.

Take a look at the list below, even though I would like to stress that you can contact me with any type of question.

  • Gadget and Product Review: Retailers, distributors or manufacturers of gadgets or tech products can have their product reviewed on this website. Thanks to my sizable readership, your product will get ample exposure and your business will enjoy increased visibility.
  • Vloggers: If you are a vlogger looking for more viewers and subscribers, please get in touch. We are in the same business and should work together. The funnier, the better, or if you prefer dishing out some kickass tech-info in a vlog, that’s ok too.
  • Youtubers: Famous and not so famous youtubers can also contact me to exchange links and set up a partnership. You get a slice of our pie, and we get a slice of yours!
  • Tech Experts: We are always trying to be on top of the latest tech innovations. If you are willing to share your tech-knowledge, please let us know and we’ll pass your insight on to our readers.
  • Geeky Tech Questions and Queries: If you’ve run into a tech issue you cannot resolve, try and get some help here. If we can’t be of assistance, we’ll pass your question on to someone who can.
  • Gaming: Do tell us about your gaming passions, discoveries, or troubles, we like to hear about all of them. Whether you are stuck on a level in a certain game or have come across a little-known but great game, please fill us in. The gaming community continues to grow and it’s great to exchange tips and insider knowledge.
  • Conventions: Regardless of what kind of “con” you are organising, please supply us with the details and we’ll publicise it on this website. This can be anything from a gaming convention to a Star Trek fan gathering or gadget show.
  • Geeky Businesses: If you provide products or services beloved by geeks like me, please let me know, I’d love to promote it.

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This website has developed into one of the top online platforms for gamers and geeks alike. Here, we swop tips and know-how, enjoy each other’s videos or blogs, and bring each other up-to-date with the latest tech innovations.

There is so much fun to be had, interesting information to exchange and geeky stuff to do, you just wouldn’t believe it!

Beyond all the fun stuff, we actually furnish pretty savvy tech tips, publish gaming world spoilers, publicise great events, and try to stay ahead of the rest at all times.

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