Best Sci-Fi Gadgets We Wish Existed

There is no shortage of great gadgets these days, and every year, some smart head comes up with an entirely new idea or product and stuns us with pure ingenuity. Today, we have gadget for just about every job. Computer technology, in particular, has spilled into all areas of lives and brought us countless super-smart gadgets.

Having said that, when I think of sci-fi movies, there are a number of gadgets I wish were available in reality, and perhaps, in future, they will. Without the imagination of many filmmakers, many of today’s gadgets may never have been invented. My hope is that the following sci-fi movie gadgets will soon be available to purchase online or in store.

Back to the Future 2: The Hoverboard

While the sequel to most movies lacks the depth and substance of its predecessor, on occasion, the second serving includes something new and exciting, like the hoverboard in Back to the Future “. In essence, a hoverboard is a skateboard without wheels and is operated in the same way. How does it work? No idea. Perhaps a genius mind will figure out the real-life technology and produce a hoverboard soon.

The hoverboards that made it onto many children’s Christmas lists had wheels and just didn’t quite cut the mustard.

Men in Black: The Neuralizer

The neuralizer featured in Men in Black. It was a gadget with a red light, and anyone who made eye contact with the red light had their memory wiped. In the movie, it was used to negotiate without alerting others or to wipe the memory of those who shouldn’t have listened in the first place.

Imagine having a neuralizer. In essence, you’d get away with anything, because you could zap the memory of those who witnessed what you did.

Star Wars: The Lightsaber

The lightsaber needs no introduction, and I bet, you’d like to own one, just like I would, even though I can’t think of a single use for it. Still, it would be great to own a real lightsaber, if nothing else, just to show it off!

Time Machines

Times machines have featured in countless movies and are definitely among the must-have gadgets. Wouldn’t it be so much fun to either explore history, the future or go back in your own life and change a few things for the better? I’d certainly rush out to buy one straightaway.

Star Trek: The Transporter

With the transporter we saw in Star Trek, you can change your location in a second. You disappear and reappear at your chosen destination within an instant. How great would that be if you were stuck in traffic or fancied a holiday at an exclusive and exotic holiday destination?

Star Trek: The Replicator

Perhaps the replicator kickstarted the invention of the 3 D printer. In essence, the replicator copies whatever item you wish. This could be a delicious ice cream or a luxury villa. Of course, if we all had a replicator, all manufacturing plants would have to close down because we would all just be copying the item we would like to own. It would be great though.

I do hope that the brightest minds will soon figure out how to produce the above sci-fi gadgets. Our lives would be utterly transformed and improved. Try and work it out yourself, maybe you will be the genius behind the production of one of this top-notch gadgets.

I, for one, will continue to keep an eye out for great new gadgets, in the hope that soon, we will be able to defy gravity, travel in time, or get stuff without buying it.