Backcountry Travel Gear You Should Never Leave Home Without

Traveling in the backcountry can be a lot of fun, but it’s also inherently risky. When you’re out in the wilderness, you’re essentially by yourself. It’s up to you to take care of your own survival, nobody else. 

What’s odd about the backcountry is just how quickly things can go wrong. That’s why it is critical to incorporate redundancies into your planning. If something goes a little out of whack, you need to make sure that you can recover. 

So what pieces of gear should you never leave home without? Let’s take a look. 

GPS Tracker

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If you’re planning on going deep into the backcountry, it’s a good idea to take a robust GPS tracker with you. Don’t rely on your phone. Instead, take a specially-built device to cope with outdoor weather and total absence of ground mast signal. These show you where you are within an accuracy of a couple of meters and allow you to navigate your way to the nearest town or road, should you get into trouble. Many also provide two-way communication if in range of a companion device in situations where you don’t have a cell signal. 

Hunting Gun

Carrying a hunting gun and an adequate supply of hunting mags, available at Thermold Magazines and similar stores, is important when traveling in the backcountry for several reasons. Firstly, the backcountry often harbors wildlife, and having a firearm can provide a means of protection against potential threats from predatory animals, ensuring personal safety.

Secondly, hunting for sustenance can be a practical skill in remote areas, where access to food sources may be limited. A hunting gun, along with the necessary magazines, enables one to procure fresh game for nourishment, reducing the reliance on pre-packaged supplies and enhancing self-sufficiency.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that hunting in the backcountry comes with responsibilities and ethical considerations. It’s essential to abide by all hunting regulations, prioritize safety, and respect the environment and its inhabitants. Carrying a firearm should only be done by those with proper training and permits, ensuring that it is used responsibly and for both personal protection and conservation purposes.


Flashlights are standard equipment for campers and hikers. These are a godsend when dusk arrives or you want to make an early start in the morning. They’re also ideal for hanging up in tents so you can see what you are doing. 

Ecogear FX recommends a range of flashlights for different applications. Look for products that offer long battery life and, even better, rechargeability so you can use them night after night without having to find a store. 

Pocket Stove

Being able to heat up food isn’t just a luxury in the backcountry, it’s a necessity. Warm meals can protect against the cold and provide you with the nutrition you need to continue on your epic adventure. 

Modern pocket stoves are the perfect tool for this. They fold away into compact containers that you can stuff into your pack and then whip out on the trail or when you reach a good spot to make camp

Portable Coffee

Don’t underestimate the power of good coffee while you’re hiking in the wilderness. A few home comforts can give you the strength and energy to carry on, even when the going gets tough. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you want to use your backcountry expedition to leave the world behind and just focus on yourself, then you might want to wear some noise-canceling headphones. Just make sure that you take them off if you’re in bear country. 

Personal Water Filter

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Personal water filters are one of the best inventions ever. These helpful devices let you grab a drink practically anywhere there is ice or flowing water. Just place the water in the hopper at the top and then wait for it to filter down to the bottom. The filtration process is 100 percent gravity-driven, so you don’t have to add any chemicals to purify the water. There’s no electric charging either, so you can use most passive water bottle filters for weeks before having to replace them.