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For a tech-related business, I provide top-quality, high-return advertising space. I know how the whole internet advertising stuff works inside out by now, and I would like to offer you not just advertising space but also plenty of insider knowledge.

As a geek, I have made it my business to learn and study all the best online advertising methods. Ads work best when they are linked to relevant content and targeted at a specific group of people. It’s pointless, for instance, to advertise food on my website, because my readers are not looking for that type of information.

If, however, your business provides tech-related products or services, you can be sure to meet your target group on my website and blog. Obviously, I offer all the auxiliary services such as publishing reviews and product or service advertorials, and for some business we even run social media campaigns. This multi-faceted approach has been highly effective in producing very satisfactory advertising campaign results for my advertisers.

What You Can Expect

We look after our advertisers very well, because our aim is to build a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. Unlike some websites, we offer comprehensive advertising packages geared at producing tangible profits for our advertisers. Our rates are competitive, especially if you consider all the different elements of our campaigns. To give you an idea of why advertising on our site makes sound business sense, please take a look at what you can expect:

  • A Minimum of 14’000 Tech-Enthusiasts: On a monthly basis, 14’000 different individuals visit this website in search for tech-related information. They may be looking at product reviews, educate themselves by reading the blog, or just simply spend some time reading interesting information. So far, any business specialising in gadgets, tech-stuff, computer technology and similar areas has seen a considerable increase in traffic and sales after placing an advertisement here.
  • Smart, Multi-Layer Approach: After examining the products or services you provide and helping you to identify your ad campaign targets, we create a campaign to suit your specific needs. In close collaboration, we choose from among multiple options and add additional features such as social media, links, etc. Once everybody is satisfied with all the elements of the campaign, we start working on designing a striking ad and determine the best positioning thereof.
  • Maximising the Effect of Your Ad: We make sure your ad is placed intelligently, and, once published, begin to collect data. Our aim is to send the largest possible number of our readers to your site and encourage them to purchase your product or avail of your service. Webdata will quickly give us valuable insight into customer thinking and help us to ensure that your campaign is effective. If your ad fails to make and impact, we make the necessary changes. A striking, well-placed ad, supported by highly-visible and clickable links has proven to be the best approach.
  • Professional Service: We take our work very seriously and strive to create top-quality advertising campaigns for our clients. Your work is done, once the initial discussion process has been completed. At that point, we take on the entire workload and work hard to make your ad work. In regular intervals, we report back to you and find out what effects the ads have had. Nothing is left to chance and you can rely on us to do all the hard work effectively.

What to Do Next

To obtain an information package, please use the form below. We will give you a couple of days to study all the options and then contact you to discuss the best way forward.

We would love to work with you and are confident of providing you with high-return advertising space.