About Chris

I must admit, being a geek comes with its fair share of advantages. For starters, us geeks are underachievers in many areas of life. You don’t have to be good at sports or particularly fit, for instance, nor do you have to behave in a cool and sophisticated manner. Instead, us geeks can be as odd and socially inept as we like. What a relief!

For a long time, I couldn’t quite decide whether I should classify myself as a nerd or as a geek. That is until someone told me that geeks don’t even have to be especially smart like nerds do.

All in all, the expectations put upon a geek are rather low. You’ve just got to have a love for gadgets, games and fooling around, and, hey presto, you qualify. There is absolutely no pressure, no stress or strain, just the freedom to be as geeky as you want and have lots of fun.

The Geeky Things My Friends and I Get Up to

When I’m not home alone gorging on a geeky boxset, writing code, or reading sci-fi books, I meet up with my geeky friends to have a laugh. One day, we may build a big Lego spaceship, the next, try and make a DIY sci-fi video, and the day after that, we may spend hours in a shop selling old comics. Most of the time, we make our own fun or prank each other.

All the available gadgets have made the life of a geek all the sweeter. Now we can fully indulge in our love of gaming, gadgets, and computer stuff, and no one will even notice. My friends and I make lots of unusual movies, upload them on YouTube, hook up with other geeks or visit some geeky convention. Blogging, vlogging, and running this website are all an integral part of our lives. It’s also great to keep an eye on what other bloggers and vloggers are doing or even to meet up and bounce ideas off each other.

Gadget Passion

We love gadgets, the latest technological innovations, useful software products, unusual household gadgets, and short, l love discovering the latest and best tech-inventions. I’ve been in the lucky position to be asked to review some of the gadgets on this website. Naturally, this is a win-win all around. I can try out a great new gadget, write a review, and even make some cash in the process. Because this website has now quite a strong following, gadget promoters have made use of the exposure they get on this site and asked me to collaborate. Quite frequently, I get to review gadgets, and the company also advertises on this website.

The people reading this website enjoy discovering new gadgets just as much and consequently, my passion for gadgets benefits just about everyone.

The Geek Platform

This website is an online gathering place for geeks, bloggers, and vloggers, and for everyone else interested in the same kind of stuff. I’ve made sure to set up lots of different channels for people to contribute to this site, discuss the latest innovations or exchange other useful information.

Apart from product reviews, you’ll find blog posts on a wide variety of subjects – you may even like to contribute yourself -, and we also upload hilarious video or interesting short movies. Do let us know if you’ve made an unusual discovery and would like to share it with our readers.

We still can’t quite believe how popular this site has got in a relatively short space of time. It must be down to our joint geeky genius!