A Few Ways to Keep Busy at your Desk

There are not many worse things than getting bored out of your brain in front of the computer, be it at home or at work (or both, if you work from home).

It might not be down to having nothing to do, but just perhaps patiently waiting for something to come through. You could just have some time to kill in the precious moments of downtime.

The average individual spends 444 minutes every day looking at screens or some kind. It is probably far longer for those whose job depends on the use of a computer, so here a few ideas on how to give yourself a break, or just fill in the empty spaces during the day.

Become an expert Lock Picker

For those with itchy feet, you can go and take a walk around. But for those who don’t necessarily have that luxury, keeping your hands busy is a must for the restless.

Armed only with a padlock and a hairpin, you can wriggle your way to freedom from boredom, and potentially a sticky situation in the future. We’re obviously not advocating the use of these skills for any sinister purpose, of course!

Build yourself a model – out of Lego

Want to roll back the years to a bygone time of carefree play? A reminder of simpler times perhaps, but also a way of putting something together and having a satisfying end product.

You could grab yourself a small pack of Lego, usually with instructions, but you can also get creative and go free with your bricklaying. Nothing takes you back like putting together a Star Wars X-Wing fighter or a racecar. Who says you have to grow up when you start work?

A Swan? Origami

Most businesses are trying very hard to go paperless. Everything in the office and workspace these days is either on a screen or a memory stick. However there is a way of making use of any scraps laying around – some origami.

A lot of you will want to have something to show for whatever you spend time on (I know I do), so this ancient and intricate art will leave you either frustrated or satisfied at the end – or both. A swan with moving wings is a classic example, but you can also fold and measure your way to a satisfying and elaborate piece of traditional Japanese artwork.

Have a Chat

In the midst of a busy workday, it’s easy to get caught up in tasks and forget to take breaks. However, having a brief chat can provide a refreshing pause and even boost productivity. If you don’t have colleagues nearby, consider interacting with strangers online in a chatroom or surfing on message boards. You could also try having a conversation with a chatbot similar to the Nastia AI companion. These digital creations can engage in conversations, offer witty responses, and even provide a moment of levity during your desk-bound hours. They could be a fun and lighthearted way to keep your mind engaged while at your desk.

Play Online

For those who prefer virtual adventures, playing online games can be a fantastic way to escape the monotony of screen time. Whether you’re waiting for an important email or simply have a few moments of downtime, exploring the world of online gaming can be both entertaining and refreshing.

However, if you are willing to take some risks, you might want to try your luck with online gambling. Just like a game of chance, gambling can add an element of excitement to your computer-bound hours. Explore poker rooms, or sports betting websites to see if you can turn your idle moments into a thrilling win. Online casinos can be another enticing option to explore. You can browse over 200 online casinos listed at The Casino Database or similar casino comparison sites to find the best casino that suits your preferences. Nevertheless, remember to gamble responsibly and set strict limits on both the amount of money and time you spend on online gambling.

Puff Away

Smoke rings rising above your head, or a plume of unrefined cloud. Whichever is your preference, you might want to get on the bandwagon and take up smoking. A fast growing hobby once again, the wide range of tobacco and vapouriser products available give you no excuse not to get involved.

There are so many strange and fascinating pipes, papers and receptacles on the market that you are not going to be hard pushed to find something that takes your fancy. You could even get a hold of some of Extreme’s nicotine pouches to help you out. Learn how to make a dragon out of fruit flavoured ‘vape’ via an instructional online video. It certainly kills time and entertains those around you.