5 Travel Essentials for Your International Trip

Heading for a vacation trip abroad is an exciting way to get your mind off your busy lifestyle. You may need to plan every detail carefully to avoid any surprises when on the road.

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Part of the preparation includes researching widely on the items you may require during your international trip. Here are five travel essentials to start you off.

Travel Documents

You may need to get your passport, visa (if required), and other travel documents in order. Ensure all documents are up to date. Some countries may require your passport to remain valid for at least six months before your expected return.

It is also vital to take out a regular health insurance cover as well as travel insurance. Have a digital and physical copy of all the paperwork in case you lose items during your trip. You may also need to provide copies of your itinerary and emergency contact information to close friends or family.


You may need to have enough funds with you to last your trip abroad. You may need to have the cash in acceptable payment methods, preferably cash plus one or two credit cards. You can also consider opening a foreign currency account to aid in your payments.

You may need to contact the card issuers shortly before you leave for your trip. Inform them of the countries you intend to visit. Transactions done in foreign countries can raise suspicions, with most issuers declining and locking the account.

Travel Accessories

Cool gadgets can make a world of difference during your vacation trip. A universal power adapter can help you plug and charge your devices in any electrical grid around the world.

A portable charger can help boost your phone’s battery juice during your travels. Smartphone camera lenses can replace the need to carry the traditional DSLR camera. You may need a pair of cool headphones to listen to relaxing music during your travels.

There’s arguably no limit to the number of travel accessories that you can carry with you. However, you may need to determine their importance and frequency of use during your trip.

Change of Clothes

Of course, you need to pack enough clothing for your trip. Focus your choices on comfort over style. With lots of walking and exploring, a comfortable pair of shoes and clothes can ensure you focus on enjoying the world around you and not your outfit.  

Consider investing in packing cubes that can provide multiple compartments for tight storage. You may also need to purchase a sturdy, ergonomic backpack to carry your items around.

First Aid Kit

You may need to have a traveler’s first aid kit with all the emergency medication you require during your trip. Remember to carry your prescription medicine alongside some pain relievers, numbing cream, and laxatives. You may want to bring along some stress-relieving medications too like CBD to ease you into traveling, especially if you get nervous. You can learn about CBD online or speak to a local herbal shop to find the right type for you.

However, you may need to research drugs allowed into the country you are traveling to. Some medications are banned in certain jurisdictions, and carrying them can land you in trouble.


Your international trip may be an excellent opportunity to relax and reconnect with nature. You may need to plan for the trip adequately. The tips above can guide you in making a rudimentary checklist to confirm all the essential items you need.