5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hong Kong

Although smaller in size compared to Beijing and Shanghai, Hong Kong ranks among Asia’s top cities. Known for its buzzing days and electric nights, people who get into this city soon develop a taste for everything good in China

Whether you’re flying in for business purposes, looking for the ideal getaway, or planning a long term stay, you won’t be disappointed with what the city has to offer.

In any case, here are some of the reasons why you must, at least once in your life, schedule a visit to Hong Kong and get more things done on your vacation.

The City’s Festivals

While festivals are a common occurrence in China, the people of Hong Kong celebrate theirs uniquely. In honor of the old traditions, the citizens hold events like:

  • Spring lantern festival
  • Birthday of Che Kun
  • Quin min Festival
  • Wesak day

The Chinese New Year, although a national affair, is prominent with tourists worldwide. During this time, guests land to splendor in the décor and symphony street lights as they get a taste of the best local cuisines.

If you’d like to have some fun while still getting a mix of the Chinese culture and traditions, plan to attend any of their festivals within their calendar year.

The Enchanting Places to Visit

Many people think Hong Kong is a city only full of people and skyscrapers. They tend to concentrate on the town’s busier side and forget to explore the quieter, more intimate places.

While there are other popular holiday destinations in Asia, none proves to be more magical than Hong Kong. With a host of national parks, beaches, and scenery, there’s no shortage of places to visit. 

Explore the city’s natural side by cruising through the trail rides in mag wheels that can withstand the forest thickets. Unwind by the swimming pools later while being treated to the most beautiful sunsets in the region.

Popular places to visit include:

Victoria Peak

Take a good look at the towering Hong Kong skyline or treat yourself to the dazzling night view by climbing Victoria’s peak.

Temple Market

Plan a trip to the local market at night and soak in the vibrant street night while shopping for various items.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Get in touch with your spiritual side by visiting and praying at the Wong Tai Sin temple, where wishes come true.

Disney Land

If you brought kids along with you, boost their spirits by taking them to Disney land for the best entertainment.


With one of the most beautiful and recognizable skylines in the world, Hong Kong is a sight for sore eyes. At night revelers can get a treat of the city’s skyscrapers arranged in a dense collection from the island of Hong Kong to Kowloon

Its Diverse Culture

While we largely see China’s people as conservative, they’re, in fact, a diverse group. With thousands flying in from all over the world annually, the locals have had no choice but to incorporate the European ways.

You’ll find popular joints selling foreign eateries like hot espresso and tea in the morning a quick stroll around the city.

To make communication more affluent, many local Chinese take up the challenge of making English their second language. By scheduling physical or online classes, the people learn to speak the English language quickly.

Popular streets in the town have adopted English names to promote easier tourist movement and show diversity in the Chinese culture.

It’s Easy to Move around the City

When compared to other cities in China, Hong Kong has one of the lowest populations. However, being small in size and having such a high occupancy number often leaves the city congested and with heavy traffic on the road.

Faced with this challenge, the city sourced innovative ways to make transportation more convenient. Through efficient machinery like the MTN train and Star ferry, you can transverse a huge city section in days.

Take a ride on the ferry and experience the town skyscrapers’ magical view while enjoying the calm waters and fresh air. 

The Food

Although the Chinese are popular for their tea and herbs, Hong Kong is also known for its delicious cuisines. There are restaurants, diners, and small street vendors in almost every corner of the city as home to the region’s most vibrant food lovers.

While dim sum stands as the most popular local dish, other delicacies worth trying out include:

  • Curry Fish balls
  • Egg tarts
  • Wonton noodles
  • Roast Goose
  • Steamed Shrimp

It’s a Shopping Paradise

Although thousands of people travel to Hong Kong for holidays and adventure, others come for the merchandise. In almost every corner of the city, you’ll find malls, stalls, and a host of other vending shops that sell quality products at an affordable price.

Many Hong Kong retailers sell clothes and the latest technological gadgets that command a fair price in the world market, and as such, many outside traders who engage in this trade do it purely for profit.

Get your hands on exquisite retail ornaments and choose the best gifts for your loved ones, way before the rest of the world, only in Hong Kong.

Visa-Free 90-180 days

Traditionally, a visa is requested upon arrival at a foreign nation. However, through mutual consent between the involved nations, citizens from a host of countries can enter and leave Hong Kong freely without a visa.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to take full advantage of this waiver by experiencing Hong Kong in totality, while it still lasts.

To wrap it up

Although most people think Asia has little to offer, the city of Hong Kong proves them wrong. As one of the most progressive cities in the region, the place offers everything good life presents. The city festivals, numerous places to visit, a diverse culture, and ease of movement, shopping paradise, and free entry are some of the reasons you should take a trip to Hong Kong.

The most convenient time to travel to this bestowed city is during the off peak seasons when it’s less costly or during the country’s festivities that often occur early or later in the year.