4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make Time Exercising

Due to the hustle culture, entrepreneurs are very much at risk of having poor health conditions. This can include the culture praising people who get little to no sleep at night. It’s also a “flex” if you work more than forty hours a week. The mentality is incredibly unhealthy, but it can do so much hard to the body as well. Physical activity such as exercise is something that many entrepreneurs tend to neglect.

Exercise is very important and is needed for all bodies, especially working adults. Exercising allows us to feel better, sleep better, contribute to our happiness, and also increases our energy levels. While there are so many perks to exercising, it is something that many, entrepreneurs included will put on the back burner. These tips will help you incorporate more physical activity into your day. 

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Add it to your schedule

Just like with meetings and other important commitments, you should have exercising on your schedule as well. Try to have a spot for it about every day on your calendar. This is something that you have to stick to and to stick to it, it needs to be on your calendar consecutively.  This is something that you cannot downplay at all. Also, think about the way time works best for you. Are your evenings more likely to be free? Is it possible to move things around then? How about in the mornings? What about the weekends? Ask yourself these things, as exercising should be seen as a priority.

Apps and Trackers

There are plenty of apps that can help keep you motivated to balance out your health and work at the same time. Whether it be apps that can count your steps, ones that penalize you for not visiting the gym, or a goal tracker, in the end, these can all help you out.

You can also use a fitness tracker, something similar to the likes of Fitbit Luxe. These trackers can be worn on the wrist and can help you track your daily steps, the number of calories burnt, sleep cycle, and so much more. Having one on your wrist can actually motivate you to outperform your own goals on a daily basis, which would inevitably lead to a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention, if you keep switching up its look with different colors and styles of bands (shop now), it can substitute as a great accessory as well.

Exercising in the morning

Above, it was stated to pick a time where there may be a bit more breathing room. The early mornings tend to be that way for a lot of people. While it may seem hard at first, try to get up earlier by one to two hours and begin exercising. Early in the mornings at 5 am, for instance, you’re less likely to be disturbed. This can immensely help with your exercise regimen while also becoming a stable morning routine. Try looking for something as a motivator to get active such as a lean agile certification.

While it’s very difficult to get out of bed the first few times, it will slowly get easier but it’s something that you’ll need to just continue pushing on. This also means you’ll need to be more cautious about your evenings as you’ll want to avoid staying up too late since you need to get up extra early to work out.

Workout during work and breaks

If you want to have your business be taken seriously, you need to feel great and have a clear mind. Which is something that exercise can do for you. While this may seem like an odd tip but it can be very effective. If you can invest in a standing desk, that can be used while working out at the same time. There are even exercise bikes with an attached desk for working too. During your lunch breaks, you can walk and eat at the same time.  If you’re at home showering, you can do squats or light exercises in there. These can all build up in helping you out in the long run.