4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make Money Besides Their Business: Making an Extra Income With Leased Equipment

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The Internet has opened a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs. There is no longer the need to spend all your time working on your business. Instead, entrepreneurs can lease out equipment, rent out extra rooms in their commercial buildings, and play online casinos as a way to make money outside of their businesses. The article will conclude with four methods that entrepreneurs can generate income besides from their business venture.

Play Online Casinos for Money

Playing online casinos for extra income is a great way to make money. However, whether you have owned your own business or been an entrepreneur, you know that a company comes with some risks and possible loss of funds when the unexpected happens. The best thing about making more cash in this situation is that it’s relatively easy to do so if you are skilled enough at playing casino games such as blackjack or roulette over the Internet. If you are apprehensive about spending your actual money at the first instance, you could start with a welcome bonus. There are many online casinos such as https://lvlup-casino.com who have a variety of welcome bonus packages that you can choose from. Alternatively, if you happen to be a novice you could start by playing online pokies, which are fun and you could end up winning a lot of money at one go.

There are many reputable casinos like casinoa.org out there that offer players ways to play fun games and win real prizes like cars, cash, trips & much more! You won’t believe how simple it can be. So just sign up with one of these legitimate sites today and start earning free bucks right away!

Rent Out Their Company Vehicles

However, some businesses might require a bigger vehicle for transporting equipment or products. In this case, leasing out the company van or forklift may be more cost-effective than buying one outright. But if a business only needs to use their van once in a while when they need to transport large items that don’t fit into the trunk of their regular car, then renting is an affordable and convenient alternative. In both cases, keep refurbished batteries and other essentials on hand as a precaution, so that your forklift or company van can work at its optimum level.

Rent Out Extra Rooms in Their Commercial Building

The third way entrepreneurs can make money besides their business is by renting out extra rooms in their commercial buildings. It will help to bring more revenue and profits into the company and reduce costs for commuting or food expenses.

Commercial buildings are also prime locations for businesses that require a lot of space, such as big companies or events with large audiences. In addition, renting offices within a commercial building may be cheaper than leasing an entire office space.

Renting office spaces within a commercial building might not always work depending on location; however, it’s something worth looking into when there are spare rooms available. Make sure to factor in additional costs like any utility bills you will have to pay, especially with cold/hot weather conditions, so potential clients can know what they are signing up for.

Lease out Some Plants and Machinery

Leasing out your machinery and plants can be a great source of income. You may not even have to pay for the machines since you are using them anyway, but they will still make money while you use them!

It is also good if something happens to your equipment because it won’t destroy all your revenue sources if one machine goes down or breaks. Since these rentals tend to be long-term agreements, parts should always be available if anything goes wrong on site.

Another factor that many people don’t consider is insurance on their rented equipment and machinery. It should be included by default when renting out industrial machinery, but for smaller items, you may need to purchase additional coverage just as if they were your own. It does not hurt to check with your renters, though, since some will cover this automatically at no extra cost, which means more money saved!


In conclusion, entrepreneurs can make money from a variety of sources all outside their business. Some examples would be renting out extra rooms in commercial buildings, leasing out plants and machinery or even playing online casinos to generate an income on the side.