3 Tips For Great Real Estate Photography

If any industry is always going to grow no matter what else is happening in the world, real estate has to make the list. People will always want to move home; they’ll want to upgrade, downsize, relocate, or otherwise simply have a change of scenery. Estate agents will all be vying for that business, and the agents that can show off their properties at their best are going to find the most buyers and make the most profit.

Therefore, a good agent is going to need good photography for their listings; it makes all the difference and gets potential buyers through the door. If you’re looking for a career in photography that will be in demand, real estate photography is certainly something to consider. Read on for some valuable tips to help you land the role and put your skills to good use.

Invest In A Drone

In the past, standard photos of a property would have been enough. Something that showed each room in the best light (literally and figuratively) and gave an idea of the house’s layout was all that a potential buyer would expect.

Today, things are different. Thanks to the advances in technology, it is now possible to use a drone to take images from the sky above the property, showing the entire house and garden and the area around it. This can help to sell a property as it means you get the complete picture. Drone photography is certainly growing in popularity!

This is why any photographer serious about going into the real estate area must invest in a drone. If you’re not sure what’s involved in drone photography, you could always work with a Drone Operator Wales for a couple of days to learn the ropes. It’s a great field to get into and it’s also super fun! There are many different kinds, so research will be required, and practice is essential. When you’re ready, you can buy any DJI Air 2S accessories you might need to make your range of images even better.


It’s easy for homeowners to be so used to their surroundings that they overlook the clutter that has built up in their property. The problem is that this clutter, whether it’s clothes, knick-knacks, or even trash, won’t look good in photographs. The images need to show the room itself, not the things within it.

Although you can’t (unless you have permission) move any items within the home, it’s a good idea to speak to the agent before you arrive and ask them to ensure the homeowners have tidied up. You don’t want your photos to be ruined by all the things taking up space and could be removed.

Edit Well

The editing of the images once you have taken them all is just as important as the images themselves. Although you can’t – or at least, you shouldn’t – make the room look different or better than it really is, you can use different light effects and even photoshop to remove any shadows or other areas that won’t look too appealing. You can even add a blue sky to the exterior shots, which will give everyone a much better feeling when looking at the property’s images.

Take your time over the post-production of the images and make sure they are in focus, look great, and are welcoming. Always take more photos than you need as you can then use the best ones in the listings.