13 Ways to Make Money Playing Games Online

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, with current innovations casting a massive shadow over the entertainment landscape. Game developers are no longer the only ones making money from video games. Avid gamers can now turn their favorite pastime hobby into a source of income. Read on to find out 13 ways that you can legitimately make money as a gamer:

Get Paid to Play on Gaming Websites

There are thousands of gaming websites and companies that are willing to pay you for playing their games. What’s even better is most of these sites and applications are free to use. You only need to download or log in, play and earn cash.

You may not have to spend a cent to earn from your gaming habit. The platforms offer cash rewards for trying out new games, leveling up, winning organized tournaments, or attaining a particular score. From action-adventure to arcade games and new casinos, the websites host a variety of gaming options that you can try out.

Some websites and applications may even provide a sign-up bonus. You might even be awarded welcome packages from some sites like https://levelupcasino.com/ for example. You can then cash out by playing more and participating in the daily reward schemes. Daily logins might give you guaranteed freebies and bonuses. Some platforms also have multiple playing options ranging from online games, live casinos, online predictions on live matches, comboboosts and in-play for esports. Hence, there are multiple ways to warm some extra cash while being entertained for free. However, remember to take time to research the different platforms before you sign up to avoid falling for scams.

 Become a Quality Assurance Game Tester

Video games are a product of intense computer programming. With an increasing focus on user experience, developers are fighting to make their creations look and feel as realistic as possible. As such, game design companies are always looking for independent parties to recommend what works, what doesn’t, and the improvements.

Large industry game developers may look for individuals who have played their games before or in the same genre. You can use your experience in playing your favorite video game to provide a review on the new or upgraded version before launching to the market.

QA testers go beyond playing to the highest attainable level. You may have to replay against different mods to identify a design or build that provides the most fun with minimal complaint. Any glitch or mistake in the game can affect its rating, and programmers must eliminate them. You can earn $10 to $15 to play and test video games.

Work as A Gaming Coach

One of the coolest ways to earn money as a gamer is to become an instructor at a game you are good at. Game developers are coming up with increasingly complex games, which avid gamers are willing to pay to learn and master their skills.

You can use your mastery of a particular game to offer coaching lessons. Instructors can make anywhere from $20 to over $200 an hour teaching. Your rates may depend on your skill level and how in-demand your services are.

Gaming coaches are now popular in eSports. Professional teams are employing guru instructors who provide strategy and guide the players to winning tournaments. Coaching at this level may give higher returns, with the average eSports instructor making $63813.

Become a Gaming Journalist

You can also earn money playing video games by becoming a gaming journalist. This career path allows you to combine your passion for gaming with writing, reviewing the latest titles, and sharing your insights with a wider audience. As a gaming journalist, you can explore various aspects of the industry, from game design and development to the latest trends and innovations.

Moreover, there are numerous opportunities to engage with gaming communities and build a following on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and social media. By creating content that resonates with gamers, you can establish yourself as an influential voice in the industry. Additionally, some gaming websites and online casinos offer promotions that you can take advantage of, such as the 80 Free Spins at Ruby Fortune, which not only provide an exciting gaming experience but also offer a chance to win real money. Combining these opportunities can create a multifaceted career where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: playing games and earning an income.

Working on your blog may be a long yet rewarding process. Creating how-to articles, walk-through tutorials, and reviews can net you a good following. You can then monetize your blog through ads and affiliate links. You can earn a percentage commission for items bought through your affiliate link.

Create a YouTube Channel or Podcast

YouTube provides a whole range of possibilities for gamers that would wish to monetize their gaming habit. You can build your channel to a point where you can start earning money from it.

You can live stream playing your favorite game, provide detailed reviews for the different releases, offer mastering classes, and much more. YouTube provides multiple options to monetize. You can earn from Google AdSense, sponsorship, donations, affiliate links, and much more.

You can also create a podcast that you can use to discuss gaming industry news. Make it lively, with discussion-based programs that make it easier for your listeners to participate. Growing a following on your podcast channel can help you monetize it based on the number of subscribers you have.

Stream Your Live Games

Most successful gamers have found that they can stream their gaming on platforms such as Twitch and earn money. You may need to build a staunch following that drives traffic to the site before monetizing your channel.

Think of your gaming as performance art. Be engaging and enjoyable to listen to in your live streams. Attracting a high volume of views every time you go live is vital to monetizing your play. You may need to think of a regular schedule that allows you to dish out content that keeps your fans tuned in.

You can use your streaming account to earn from affiliate link commissions, ads, and sponsor content like YouTube, podcast, or blog channels. You can also receive donations from your loyal fans through online payment systems.

Offer Tutorials

Providing gaming tutorials is an excellent way to build a following on social media and other gaming-related forums. You can focus on assisting beginners in navigating around the settings, requirements, and installation of their favorite games.

You can publish your tutorials on your blog, YouTube channel, or different online forums such as Reddit. You may have to grow your audience to thousands of followers before making money out of the concept.

Compete in Pro Tournaments

If you are incredibly talented or believe in your gaming skills, you can opt to net some cash by playing in professional game tournaments. Playing at the highest levels can earn you money from prize money shared out to winners. Dota 2’s The International 2019 had an overall prize pool of $34,330,069.

You may need to be amazingly good at gaming to make it to a professional level. While it’s probably the easiest way to make huge sums of money, you may have to outshine millions of other players and consistently win at the big stages. In order to get good at these types of competition it may be necessary to attend practice events or play online. If you are looking to further your skills and knowledge then how about looking up a live dealer casino online. Playing these types of games will show you how good you can be, however it is all about luck of the draw. You could also make some close friends for life by competing in pro tournaments.

Seek Out Sponsors

Growing your online gaming profile may provide you with an opportunity to reach out to companies that may wish to advertise through you. Your following can help you become a brand ambassador for a specific company, netting you an extra income through sponsorship.

You may need to present your profile as one that the brands you target want to associate with. Ensure that you have content that relates to and can market their products or services.

Providing A Hosting Service

Gamers invest in sophisticated equipment that guarantees the smooth running of their favorite games. Dedicated hosting may allow you to rent out an entire server rack for games such as Minecraft. You can then offer reseller services by providing hosting services to users you play against in the game.  

You may need to research more about the server provider. You can opt to try their shared hosting plan at first before upgrading to the dedicated hosting. Owning a gaming server can help you earn passive income while playing your favorite games.

You may need to check the rules and regulations of the gaming company to ensure that you are not breaking any laws regarding charging others to play.

Sell Your Gift Cards or Gaming Account

Most P2P gamers often own secondary accounts that they use to pad or donate to their primary fund. You can play games, gathering vital cards and tokens. You can then sell the credentials to your account to other gamers on sites such as eBay.

Get Paid Playing Games on Reward Sites

Reward websites are one of the easiest ways to earn money from your mobile phone. They are a convenient way of using your spare time to make a couple bucks. There are various platforms that pay you by performing specific tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, trying out apps and completing micro-jobs or small tasks.

Most rewards sites may not offer direct cash rewards. You may receive bonus points or virtual coins that you can redeem for gift cards. The rewards sites are free to join. You can start earning without making any huge investments by playing the Scratch and Win bars.

Take time to review the different sites. You can read the reviews from other players or users about the site’s legitimacy before you enroll.

Selling Gaming Merchandise

You can turn your passion for your favorite game into a business by selling products related to the game. You can easily set up an e-commerce store to sell game-inspired merchandise. You can also place affiliate links to gaming consoles, joysticks, and servers. Going further, if you make enough money, you may even be able to expand your platform to allow buying of video games, and include technological enhancements that can integrate seamless payment options from providers like Xsolla to give your customers a quality experience!


It is genuinely possible to pad your wallet by playing games online. Explore the entire list of options provided to find which ones work best for you. You can combine some such as blogs, YouTube channels, and Tutorials to increase your earnings.