12 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health problems affect one in four people. Whether that is a general depression or anxiety, or more severe problems including borderline personality disorder, bipolar, or schizophrenia.

If you are one of the one in four people that experience mental health issues, then you will need to employ certain coping strategies to help you to take control of your mental health condition and your life.

But what can you do to help your mental health when you are struggling?

Let’s explore some of the ways that you can better manage your mental health.

Recognize That You Need To Prioritize Your Mental Health

One of the first things that you need to do when it comes to your mental health is to recognize that you need to prioritize your mental health.

Many people feel as though taking care of themselves or putting themselves first is selfish, however, this is simply not true.

Make some time to focus on you and what is important to you. This means relaxing and doing the things that you enjoy in life.

Identify Your Stressors

Identifying what causes your stress can help you to overcome your stressors. Once you know what brings you stress, it will be easier for you to avoid them in future.

Think about times when you have been stress, depressed, or anxious. Were there any particular incidents that led you to feel this way? Note them down. These are your stressors.

While it may not be possible to avoid all stressful situations in future, it may be possible for you to manage how you handle these situations.

Do Things That Bring You Joy

In addition to avoiding things that bring you down, you should also look at doing things that make you happy. Make a list of all of the things that bring you joy and try and incorporate these things into your life more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It is quite easy to feel ashamed of having a mental health problem. You may feel as though you just need to pull yourself together and that you shouldn’t bother other people with your problems because you are just wasting their time, or that you are going to bring them down.

Stop thinking like this. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask others if they will help you. Most times, when you reach out and ask for the support you will get it.

Reach Out To Those You Are Close To

It is essential that you reach out to friends and family members when you need them. Identify someone that you think will be supportive and tell them about what is getting you down over a coffee.

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved. Unburdening yourself in this way really will help you. You may also find that you get some good advice from your friends and family members when you do speak to them.

Talking Therapy

One of the most helpful ways of managing mental health problems is through talking therapy. Speaking to a counsellor or therapist will help you to untangle many of the mental health problems that you may be experiencing.

When looking for a counsellor or therapist, ask about the types of issues that they can help with. Many will deal with specific mental health concerns or use a particular type of treatment. Make sure that your needs are going to be met.

Going through therapy can open up old emotional wounds. This can be very uncomfortable at times. However, there are many people who find this very helpful and will allow you to understand why you think, feel, and behave in a certain way.


One option which may be available to you will be medication. Speak with your doctor if you think that medication may be the right choice for you. It may be that a grindhouse shift vape product could be something you need, or you may need more standard medication on the market.

Mental health problems are often the result of an off-balance in your brain chemicals. By taking the right medication, you may be able to improve the balance and manage the symptoms of your mental illness.

Medication is not for everyone, and there may be side effects. Your doctor will be able to advise you on everything to do with medication.

Try Alternative Remedies

You could also try alternative remedies such as taking CBD Oil. CBD comes from the cannabis plant and provides you with a natural sense of relaxation. Unlike cannabis, CBD doesn’t have any of the psychoactive properties associated with the drug. This means that there is no high that comes with using CBD products and you can take them as you please. There is also no issue taking CBD before driving or working with heavy machinery.

Limit Your Smartphone Use

Limit the amount of time you spend on your smartphone each day. There are two reasons that you should do this. Firstly, when you use a smartphone, you are receiving dopamine. This hormone is natural, however, when you are constantly chasing a dopamine high it can affect your mental health.

The second reason to cut down on your smartphone use is that phones emit blue light. This can affect your ability to sleep. For this reason, you should avoid using your phone for an hour or more before you go to bed at night.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is important when it comes to fighting stress, depression, and anxiety. You may struggle to get to sleep or to stay asleep. However, there are ways of improving the quality of your sleep.

In addition to avoiding smartphone use in the run up to your bedtime, you should also consider taking a bath or reading a book to help you to relax.

You could also try sprinkling lavender oil on your pillow to help to relax you into falling asleep.


Meditation is a powerful tool that can be very useful for helping to deal with mixed up and jumbled thoughts. This kind of thinking can clutter your mind and make it difficult to focus on certain things.

By meditating, you will be able to clear your mind so that it feels less cluttered. Meditation helps you to think with much greater clarity.

There are several different types of meditation that are very popular. These include mindful meditation, transcendental meditation, and guided meditation, among others.

One of the most common forms is guided meditation. In this type of meditation, you’ll have someone speaking to you telling you what to think and do. By using this type of meditation, you’ll be led towards calmer thoughts.

In mindful meditation, the aims are to obtain a sense of presence. To not be bogged down in your thoughts. You can practice this type of meditation anywhere and at any time. This type of meditation does take some getting used to.

On the other hand, transcendental meditation takes a lot of practice. This type of meditation is useful for helping you to find a deep state of relaxation.

With any type of meditation, it may take time for you to get used to doing it. If you don’t get it the right the first time, don’t give up.

Use Mindfulness Techniques

The notion behind mindfulness is that you should feel completely present at any moment.

Mindfulness is designed to help you to reduce stress and anxiety, but it can also help you with your focus and concentration levels.
There are a number of different activities that come under the mindfulness umbrella. These could include carrying out tasks that require focus, such as puzzles, colouring, and meditation.