Author: Curtis Lane

Why a VPS is Perfect for Forex Traders

A VPS (virtual private server) is a smart option that many businesses all around the world are now choosing. This is a popular choice for all different types of business. Yet, there are some particularly strong reasons for believing that this solution is ideal for Forex traders in …

Simple Video Content Ideas for a Blog

Producing videos can seem a bit overwhelming – but in many cases that is self-inflicted. Most people tend to try to produce complicated videos that are laden with special effects, need to be recorded in a particular setting, or have other tricky requirements. The fact of the matter …

Video games to beat dementia

Matt Omernick spent eight years developing video games for Lucasfilm, the studio behind the Star Wars franchise. His main project, The Force Unleashed, follows a secret apprentice to the evil Darth Vader who travels the galaxy on a mission to destroy the Jedi.

Secrets of the south

Dana Facaros steered clear of Sardinia’s chic northern resorts and unearthed a land of buried warriors, haunting songs and 7,000 mysterious towers
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