Hello. Welcome to the new ChrisLeckness.com!

It's not really new though, just a new message on the front page. I had it forwarded to a domain sales site to try to sell the domain. That was by mistake though. Who would want to buy my domain, right. It's mine.

Anyhow, I am still selling some pretty awesome domains though. 

If you have any interest in these domains, send me an email to my first name dot my last name at gmail dot com.

Social Media

If you've followed me, been friends with me on social media, etc... you might have noticed that you no longer follow me and are no longer my friend on these social channels. This was intentional. It's not that I don't like you, I just decided to remove myself from the social media world. Mostly because of my employer and the rest is me needing to remove myself from my old "online life". It's not me anymore. I am no longer a mobile guy, I no longer own websites, and I no longer write or blog anywhere anymore. There is no need for me to stay social in that arena any longer.

PS. I just got my 1st new phone in 1 year and 9 months. I used the Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusively since December 2012. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace it. See, I am not longer a mobile guy! 

Thanks for reading.